Monday, November 09, 2020

NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL: Chart of Michigan Residents Aged 107 or More Who Returned Absentee Ballots in October

Thousands of deceased Michigan residents (possibly tens or hundreds of thousands) happened to cast ballots in 2020. There is a partial list here (source: `) of roughly 7,000 absentee ballots counted in Michigan by people who appear in the government's DMF (Death Master File).

Here's a quick pivot table showing when the ballots of those aged 107 or more were received by the incorruptible Michigan Board of Elections.

Why, this doesn't look like an organized criminal coup. How could you say such a thing? You'd be impugning our beloved Media-Intel-Tech Overlords!


Unknown said...

What's the total number of ballots received from 107 or older people in Michigan this year? How many people that age actually live in the state? How many are registered to vote? How many are actually mentally competent?

Anonymous said...

When the ballots recieved is not really an important item. The NUMBER of ballots is much more applicable.

Unknown said...

I agree with Anonymous, I would like for this writer to provide the total number of votes by this group verses the total number of this group still alive. I would also like to read what is being done about this obvious illegal activity.