Monday, November 02, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Finish Strong...

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Trump 2020 American Flag Vintage T-Shirt
Finish Strong...: CTH
Why Shouldn’t Black America Walk Away From The Democratic Party?: BattleSwarm
Supporting Systemic Victimhood Is Not Caring—Reelect Donald Trump: Terry Paulson

Kamala Harris tweets radical Marxist advocacy of “equity” over “equality”: LI
Gov. Whitler: 6 Mo. In Prison For MI Businesses That Don't Surveil Customers: Federalist
Here’s What Police Are Doing Ahead Of Possible Democrat Election Unrest: Jack Dima

This is what Trump's wall looks like four years after he was elected to build it: Anna Giaritelli
Trump says 'a vote for Biden is a vote for lockdowns, layoffs, misery': Fox
BidenWatch for November 2, 2020: BattleSwarm

“Your Favorite President”: Sylvia Avery
Seeing Past The Narratives – Two Election Points to Remember: CTH
Rioters in Kenosha Burned This Immigrant Family's Business to the Ground: Virginia Allen


Everything you need to know about Portland’s likely new socialist mayor: Instapundit
Biden plan would tax wealthy estates as much as 67%: Jay Heflin
With Prop 22, Californians can undo a big mistake: Examiner

Scandal Central

Senior Retired CIA Officer: The Laptop Is Real And So Is Joe Biden’s Corruption It Lays Bare: Sam Faddis
Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson pass on subpoenaing Hunter Biden — for now: Jerry Dunleavy
New Democrat Scam Targeting Republican Seniors: Loyd Pettegrew


Vonnegut saw America’s possible, dark future 60 years early: Jim Quinn
This newspaper hasn't supported a GOP president since 1972. But we support Trump.: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It’s Too Late for a Late Hit: Kurt Schlichter

Candace Owens: ‘If you believe that government can stop a virus, then you are an idiot’: BPR
"Trump crowd, Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania is jaw-dropping.": Obiter Dictum
Massive Crowd for Trump Rally In Pennsylvania Floors Even Democrats: Rick Moran


Will America Hand Space Dominance to China?: Gordon G. Chang
Why Beijing Hopes for a Biden Win: Helen Raleigh
Boris Johnson Orders UK Into Month-Long COVID-19 Lockdown: Anders Hagstrom

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

N.J. Women For Trump group, with 29K members, removed from Facebook days before election:
Why the Mazda Miata is the best sports car for the money: Pras Subramanian
Investor on why bitcoin is 'literally the biggest story I've seen,' may hit $1M and top gold's market cap: Julia La Roche


Massive Trump Caravans Swarm Sunday Roadways Coast to Coast: CTH
Discipline Suffers as San Diego Schools Adopt ‘Anti-Racism’ Grading System: Jarrett Stepman
Winnie the Flu from the Land of Wu: MOTUS


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VIDEO: My Response to Those Who Think Trump Is Too "Combative, Divisive, and Unpresidential"

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