Monday, April 26, 2021

Here are the Linx Google Removed...

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Why Wind And Solar Power Are Doomed To Failure: John Hinderaker
President Trump Says Project Veritas Proves CNN Committed Campaign Violations: OAN
A Sordid History of Crowds Threatening Violence in the Event of Acquittal: Alan M. Dershowitz

To Save The Republic, Destroy The Media: Derek Hunter
Manchin May Block Biden's Effort to Blow Up Our Constitutional System: Nick Arama
Rand Paul Discusses Big Picture Ramifications From Current JoeBama Policy: CTH

Sen. Manchin Backs ‘Targeted’ Infrastructure Bill, Opposes Reconciliation: Jack Phillips
Why Californians Are Losing Hope in the States Political Party Structure: Anne Dunsmore
How to fight critical race theory: Christopher F. Rufo

Speaking of Genocide: Scott Johnson
Indefinite Incarceration for Protesters With ‘Wrong’ Politics: Julie Kelly
A Rigged System Can’t Last: Kurt Schlichter


Trish Regan: Biden's Capital Gains Tax Hike a 'Disaster' For the Economy: Sandy Fitzgerald
There's Nothing 'Manageable' About Minimum Wage Hikes: Tom Knighton
GOP digging in against Biden’s 'terrible idea' of raising capital gains tax: Zachary Halaschak

Scandal Central

Arizona ballot audit that Dems fought is underway using tech to detect counterfeits: Thomas Lifson
Ahmaud Arbery Case: New Evidence Arbery Often Pretended to be a 'Jogger' to Commit Crime: Manthan Chheda
Son-in-Law Benefited From Loan Program Biden Ripped: Philip Wegmann

Meet the Swiss Billionaire Behind Arabella Advisors’ “Dark Money” Empire: Hayden Ludwig
The danger of the war on disinformation: FFN
Virginia To Eliminate All Accelerated Maths Classes Prior To 11th Grade. Because ‘Equity’: LI


Substack! Holy Crap!: American Power
Rutgers students provided with 'trigger' warnings in Classics and history courses: Ben Zeisloft
Candadian Court Orders Google to Dox Writers of Anti-Antifa Blog: Chris Tomlinson


White House says Israeli delegation will not change US position on Iran deal: TOI
Analysis: Syrian missile explodes near Israeli nuclear facility: Joe Truzman
Iran's Military Blames Israel For Drone Attack On Oil Tanker Off Syria, Vows Revenge: ZH

Chad is plunged into deadly civil war. Thank Obama: Timothy P. Carney
Dutch MPs in video conference with deep fake imitation of Navalny's Chief of Staff: NLtimes
Sarah Halimi: Thousands protest decision not to try Jewish woman's killer: EuroNews

General wields influence delicately in Chinese play for military foothold in Africa: Abraham Mahshie
Top British lawmaker fears China has split New Zealand from Five Eyes allies: Joel Gehrke
Many Thousands Rally In London Against Vaccine Passports: Jonathan Feldstein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China's Fishing Fleet Is Vacuuming the Oceans: Judith Bergman
A mystery: Why is the Pentagon sitting on four percent of all internet addresses?: Jazz Shaw
Is TV favourite Professor Susan Michie such a big fan of lockdowns because she's a Communist?: Ian Gallagher


BLM Founder Reminds Everyone Justice Won't Fully Be Served Until She Can Buy A 5th House: Bee
On The Tip Of My Tongs: Stilton’s Place
BLM, the Oscar Edition. Brought To You By Woke Sponsors.: MOTUS

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