Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Kind of Leaders Needed to Save America

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A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz, by Erik Larson
The Kind of Leaders Needed to Save America: Kay C. James
Ga. State Rep. Calls Joe Biden's Bluff on Georgia's 'Jim Crow on Steroids': Tyler O’Neil
Anatomy of a typical Biden business deal involving Ukraine (It's not Burisma!): JTN

President Trump Gives Extensive Interview on JoeBama’s Growing Disasters: CTH
75% of Voters Support ID Requirement, Majority Do Not Support GA Boycott: CTH
Soros-backed D.A. Kim Gardner loses bid to stay on McCloskey case: Carly Roman

Border Patrol: 'Way Over 100,000 People' 'Have Gotten Away from Us This Year': Breitbart
Biden Admin Considers Resuming Border Wall Construction: Matt Margolis
Survey: 73% of Black Voters Say Voter ID Is Necessary: Hannah Bleau

Tunnel to Towers pays off slain officer's mortgage: Examiner
Chauvin Trial Day 6 Wrap-Up: Chief Says Neck Restraint Not Trained, But Does It Matter?: LI
Cali: 250 Male Prisoners Request Transfer to Women’s Facilities: Mary Margaret Olohan


Can The US Borrow Its Way To Higher Growth? (Spoiler: No): ZH
Democrats Could Pass Massive ‘China Infrastructure’ Bill Without 1 GOP Vote: Andrew Trunsky
Lacalle: Progressive Economics Harms Freedom: NTD

Scandal Central

‘Zuckerbucks’ in Pennsylvania Reveal Impact of Corporate Influence in Elections: Hayden Dublois
Pentagon Promotes Radical Resources to Kill ‘Extremism in Ranks’: Fred Lucas
Ark. House and Senate Override Veto on Bill Protecting Kids From Chemical Castration: Tyler O’Neil

Meet the Censored: U.S. Right to Know Foundation sees traffic plunge after search engine update: Matt Taibbi
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Forewarns CBS News: “There’s Going to Be Consequences” For Your Lies: CTH
Hunter Biden says psychedelic toad venom kept him sober for a year: Rob Crilly


Florida Democrats Come to Defense of Gov. Ron DeSantis After ‘60 Minutes’ Attack: Rachel del Guidice
Grenell: False DeSantis Story Was a Strategy, Not a Mistake: ACLJ
Today’s blacklisted American: Whites at Cornell University: Robert Zimmerman

Geragos: CNN and MSNBC Coverage of the [Chauvin] Trial is an Abomination: SDA
Apple is shifting the goal posts for app store restoration, Parler executive says: Nihal Krishan
Hunter Biden, Media-Pampered (Scam) Artist: Tim Graham


Has Biden already betrayed the trust of pro-Israel Democrats?: Jonathan S. Tobin
One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest: SDA
Unconfirmed reports: Iranian spy ship struck by missile in Red Sea: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Michigan and New Jersey COVID-19 surges driven by UK variant of China Virus: Examiner
A Good Explanation of the Semiconductor Shortage: BattleSwarm
China Sidesteps WHO Chief on Coronavirus Origins with Anti-US Disinfo: Polygraph


Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate: Associated Depressed
Why I Wrote This Book: David Horowitz
Strange Daze: American Digest

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Anonymous said...

If 74 year old “Jungle Jack” Hanna was forced to announce his retirement after a diagnosis of dementia, why are people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi not required to go and do likewise?