Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Maxine Waters attacks Chauvin trial judge who criticized her 'confrontational' protest comments

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Maxine Waters attacks judge who criticized her confrontation comments: Carly Roman
D.C. Medical Examiner: Officer Sicknick died from natural causes, not result of assault: LI
A.G.’s To Launch Counterattack to Democrats’ Court-Packing Scheme: Jeff Charles

Chauvin judge: Waters's comments may lead to successful defense appeal: Carly Roman
CBS News Starts the Process of Doxxing Chauvin Trial Jurors: RS
Democrats Throw Blood, Pig Head on Ex-Residence of Chauvin Defense Witness: CTH

Democrats’ SCOTUS-Packing Bill Political Takeover of Judiciary, Expert Says: Petr Svab
Democrats to Bring Devastating California-Style Legislation to Entire Nation: Garion Frankel
The Feds Are Funding Fantasy EV Charging Stations: David Wojick

President Trump Extensive Interview With Sean Hannity: CTH
FL Gov. DeSantis Signs Anti-Riot Bill Which Also Includes Civil Immunity For Drivers: CTH
Trump steps up campaign-style attacks on Biden: W. James Antle III


The United States: Hardly a Recovery: Daniel Lacalle
Sen. Rick Scott Threatens ‘Backlash’ Against Woke Corporatists in Scathing Letter: RS
Today’s blacklisted American: Anyone who is white, Christian, or male at Cigna: Robert Zimmerman

Scandal Central

Crowdfunding Data Breach Triggers Witch Hunt Against Cops Who Support Kyle Rittenhouse: Tyler O’Neil
Supreme Court Declines Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit Over Mail-In Balloting: Jack Phillips
Self-Driving Tesla Crashes In Fiery Wreck: ZH

Witness Intimidation: Racial Antagonists Throw Blood, Pig Head on Former Home of Chauvin Defense Witness: CTH
ACLU turns to Supreme Court for access to FISA court rulings: Jerry Dunleavy
Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died From Natural Causes the Day After January 6th DC Protest: CTH


Facebook Has a Private Army: Its Founders Want to Free Criminals: Daniel Greenfield
Civil Rights Leaders On Firing Line: Hoover Institution
New Study Shows Just How in the Tank for Biden the Legacy Media Is: Tyler O’Neil

Facebook Bigwig Donated Millions to BLM. Then It Censored Criticism of BLM’s Founder: Alana Goodman
Ron DeSantis Meets With Trump; Here's What I Think It Means: RS
Campaign Fundraising: Tectonic Shifts: Kelly Johnston


China and Artificial Intelligence: Sarah Hsu
Japan's Hardest-Hit Regions Push For COVID State Of Emergency As Olympics Safety Review Looms: ZH
Bernie Sanders: Putin murdering Navalny 'in front of the world' for exposing Putin's 'vast corruption': Insider

Chinese-Made Drones in US Are Spying on Us. Congress Must Put an End to This.: Charlotte Y. Santomero
U.S. Ambassador in Russia to Return to Washington for Consultations: TMT
An Amusing Look At Brexit Scare Stories Versus What Actually Happened: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces Antitrust Bill to ‘Bust Up’ Big Tech Like Google and Amazon: Jack Phillips
Lordstown Motors' "Endurance" All-Electric Pickup Fails To Endure Baja Race: ZH
5G: The outsourced elephant in the room: Bert Hubert (2020)


Patriots Day, April 19th – Mr. Paul Revere Explains The Battle of Lexington and Concord in His Own Words: CTH
Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter's vice president, dead at 93: Daniel Chaitin
When Joe Lost His Lid: Earl of Taint


commoncents said...

#changemymind - Opposing Voter ID is Racist | Change My Mind | Louder with Crowder (VIDEO)


Anonymous said...

There's a pig named Napoleon in the White House and the Religion of the Left is on full display. Stealing, burning, looting, and murdering has become the order of the day, the rules of the mob is the new way.
"Animal Farm" is here to stay.