Friday, April 30, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Mark Levin Absolutely Shreds Biden’s Radical, Anti-American Speech To Congress

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Mark Levin Absolutely Shreds Biden’s Radical Speech To Congress: Dinesh D'Souza
The Lies Of Joe Biden: Paul Mirengoff
The dark night of fascism has finally landed in the United States: Andrea Widburg

Scott Outshines Biden, Enrages Libs With Inspiring Words: Andrew Stiles
Does ‘anti-racism’ also mean slurring black conservatives?: Charles Lipson
Idaho Makes History, Becomes the First State to Ban Critical Race Theory: RS

US reveals suspected energy weapon attacks near Trump White House in 2020: Report: AMN
Leftists proclaim kids and pets are bad for the environment: PM
Chicago: Mother of gunshot victim, 13, praises police officers who saved him: Fox


Confused Elderly Dictator Delivers Rambling Speech Demanding Money: Daniel Greenfield
Get ready for blackouts as Cuomo foolishly kills Indian Point plant: Jonathan A. Lesser
Author of debunked 1619 Project to join UNC as 'Chair in Race Journalism': Ashley Carnahan

Scandal Central

“Not a single person of honor or integrity can survive inside the DC institutions”: @TheLastRefuge2
Giuliani claims materials seized by FBI are 'exculpatory' evidence: Kaelan Deese
Guns, taxes, and the border: Biden’s speech a tidal wave of lies: Sarah Westwood

Rudy Giuliani Blasts Biden DOJ for raiding his home yesterday: Scoop
Ashli Babbitt’s family plans to sue Capitol Police, officer who shot her: Steven Nelson
Breaking: FBI breaks into Homer, Alaska house, looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop: MRA


CNN 'fact checker' provides cover for violent BLM protesters at Iowa state Capitol: PM
The mob comes for Joe Rogan: Steve Deace
Left-wing streamer banned from Twitch over photo of Hunter Biden: PM

Tim Scott declares America 'not a racist country'; leftists step up to the plate to prove him wrong: Monica Showalter
None Dare Call It Socialism?: Tim Graham
“Anti-Racist” Democrats Trend “Uncle Tim” After His Response To Biden: Cove


Twilight in Paris: Christian Piquemal
Kerry Lied, People Died: Iran’s Zarif Had No Knowledge of Israeli Strikes Until Kerry Told Him: Adam Kredo
Methamphetamine Taking Over Mexico’s Domestic Drug Market: Parker Asmann

Fiery defector raises finger to Pyongyang and Seoul: Andrew Salmon
Nigerian president calls on US to relocate Africa Command headquarters: The Shill
Israel works to identify 45 killed in Lag Ba'omer Mount Meron stampede: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Democrats shun Hawley Big Tech reforms that include many of their proposals: Nihal Krishan
How Halvings Will Bring The Bitcoin Price To $400,000: Dion Guillaume
Mike Lindell plans 'grand opening' of social media platform Frank at South Dakota rally: Examiner


Treasure hunters plan to dig up 48 crates of Hitler’s gold worth half a billion hidden under Polish palace ‘brothel’: Sun
Cop Who Made Hilarious Video Mocking LeBron Gets Suspended: RS
Hunter Biden Relieved After Learning His Dad Only Cracking Down On Menthol: Babylon Bee

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