Monday, April 05, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Branding Georgia Election Law, Senate Filibuster ‘Racist’ Is Vile Tactic to Justify HR 1

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The Gipper Lives said...

Civil Rights and America's Fasc-time

Remember the howls of indignation when President Trump asked the NFL to stand for the National Anthem? Nevermind.

Biden wants a MLB boycott of Georgia. And he got it.

Baseball just signed a huge deal with China despite the repression and slavery there. Delta dislikes Georgia's Voter ID law even though they won't let you fly without ID. Coke, too--even though you can't visit their headquarters or attend their shareholder meetings without one. Ditto Apple--which requires an Apple ID to use their products.

And every one of those companies requires an ID to work for them. That means by their own standard, they are practicing hiring discrimination .

For that matter, Biden's White House requires ID to get in. Indeed, by his own logic, requiring ID to get federal food stamps is tantamount to starving people.

But all of that is just Hypocrisy, and they don't give a damn about being hypocritical. Raw Power is all that matters to them.

Corporations teaming up with the State to impose their politics on society is of course the very definition of Fascism. The paramilitary Antifa and BLM mobs are just icing on the Corporate cake.

I remember when the Left was terrified of the Fascism of Mega-Corporations teaming up with Big Government to quash liberties. But now that they control the Corporate Boards and the Permanent Government, they're fine with it.

This legislation, while good, DOES NOT ADDRESS THE MASSIVE FRAUD BY COMPUTER CHEATWARE. Gov. Kemp would never have signed this modest reform if it touched the Computer Fraud.

There were many times on election night when hundreds of thousands of Trump votes were erased or transferred to Biden live on television. The CheatWare even has a setting that literally allows a Trump voter to be counted as 3/5ths of a person.

Have you ever cast a fraction of a vote? Why can the super-secret “Proprietary” CheatWare even do this? And aren’t elections the proprietary property of the People, not of crooked politicians and and crooked corporations?

Governor Kemp’s Chinese owners would never permit him to fix the CheatWare Voting Machines which are made in China and report to China–just like Kemp. And Biden. And McConnell. And Pelosi. And Paul Ryan. And all the other money-grubbing, power-worshipping whores.

The Georgia Legislature has been compromised, too. They knew Atlanta was staying up all night for a week to rig this election and they still rubber-stamped it. And now they pass a Voter ID bill that can can still be thwarted by computer-generated votes.

Biden is calling even these modest reforms "Jim Crow on steroids". Race-baiting is really all they do.

Democrats once stopped blacks from voting with poll taxes and Grandfather tests. Now Democrats are trying to stop white people and Trump voters of all races from having their votes count by diluting them with Mail-In forgeries and computer fraud.

This will not end well. Half the country believes, correctly, that Democrats (with McConnell and Ryan) cheated to win. But because they did, they cannot now admit it and fix any problems even if they wanted to, which they don't. They must keep committing new crimes to cover up the old crimes. They've gone Full Reichstag.

Instead, if you want honest elections, you're a Klansman.

When Democrats say "Voting Rights!" today, they really mean their Right to Commit Election Fraud. They stand in the Precinct doorway, shouting "Election Fraud Now, Election Fraud Forever!"

There is no possibility of compromise. Democrat Chief Justice Taney said of runaway slave Dred Scott: "The black man has no rights the white man is bound to respect."

And Biden and his Gang of Election Thieves say "The Trump Voter has no rights the Swamp Man is bound to respect, either."

I dissent.


Anonymous said...

My old dog had an event today and for a while lost spatial acuity. We sat with her on the floor just being there with her, putting our hands on her and waiting for it to pass, we hoped. Though being afflicted I watched as she snuggled close, licked my hands from time to time, and rested her head on my leg as she shifted frequently to get comfortable. And I remembered the men, women and children who have been denied human contact this past year by "mandates", who became sick or died alone because a bureaucrat deemed it, while at the basest level even a dog deserves contact when needy and will express tender appreciation for it. So look at a Democrat today and despise their values for they denied human beings the closeness and dignity they deserved while in extremis.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thank you for taking the time to assemble these links. They are one of the best goto places each day if someone wants to, you know, keep track on our civilizational suicide.