Sunday, April 11, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Sen. Lankford: Democrats’ H.R.1. Vote Fraud Bill Makes It Easy To Vote And Even Easier To Cheat

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Sen. Lankford: Democrats’ H.R.1. Vote Fraud Bill Makes It Even Easier To Cheat: OAN
MI Election Forensics Report Says 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied: The Wiz
Ariz. Lawmakers Push For Election Transparency: OAN

The First AOC Administration: Larry Thornberry
Biden Is Determined to Create Jobs... in China: Gordon G. Chang
Progressives Attack Justice Breyer For Warning Against Packing SCOTUS: Mike LaChance

Biden’s California Dream: John Stossel
IA Gov. won’t take in Biden’s migrant children: ‘this is the president’s problem’: Blaze
TN Is 20th State To Implement Constitutional Carry Law: OAN

Biden Nominee To Head ATF Involved In Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast & Furious: NC Renegade
Biden tolerates a COVID border crisis: Heather Higgins
Inside BLM co-founder Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real-estate buying binge: Isabel Vincent


How Will Decolonizing the Curriculum Help the Poor and Dispossessed?: Samantha Jones
The racism racket: Diversity training in the workplace and beyond is worse than useless.: Joanna Williams
Greensboro Eye Surgeon Landed $100,000 Shark Tank Deal for Her Magnetic Lash Brand: Charlene Rhinehart

Scandal Central

Professor Eastman, a 2020 election insider, describes the shenanigans: M. Dowling
Perpetuating the masquarade: El gato malo
The FBI / DOJ is MIA on Hunter Biden, Seth Rich, Anthony Weiner laptops: CDN

What Should Be Done to Curb Big Tech?: Bari Weiss
The detainment of Lt. Caron Nazario: Hot Air
‘It was not optional’: Cuomo staffers say work on governor’s pandemic book was not voluntary: Sara Carter


Under the spreading walnut tree: Paul Kingsnorth
‘Good job owning yourselves’! Dana Loesch & others beclown ‘alternative newspaper’: Twitchy
Virginia cops 'threaten to execute' soldier during traffic stop, lawsuit contends: DailyMail

Trump, GOP hosting big-money Mar-a-Lago blowout: Jon Levine
Andy Ngo: U.S. Unsafe Due To Far-Left Terror, Erosion Of Police: OAN
50 Armed Police Raid Rebel News Reporters’ Airbnb, Arrest Them for ‘Illegal Gathering’: GWP


China Issues Veiled Threat To Move Navy Vessels To Gulf Of Mexico: OAN
Iran Reveals New Centrifuge, Can Enrich Uranium 50 Times Quicker: OAN
More Ominous Signs Under President Avatar: Ukraine says it will not back down to Russian pressure: Tal Axelrod

Iran reports electrical ‘incident’ at Natanz a day after advanced centrifuges spun up: JNS
India: ‘Not Refugees; Rohingya Muslims are Absolute Illegal Immigrants, Should be Sent Home’: Ashlyn Davis
‘Piles of bodies’ seen in Myanmar as violence escalates: reports: Kerry J. Byrne

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Nuclear Reactor Just Made Fusion Viable by 2030. Seriously.: Caroline Delbert
CDC warns states: Johnson & Johnson vaccine supplies will drop next week -- by a lot: Ed Morrissey
Bitcoin Was Supposed to Be a Way Around Corporate Gatekeepers. Now They're Hopping On Board.: Avi Salzman


Pentagon verifies more images, video of UFOs: Jazz Shaw
Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate 'Rigid Vertical Border Monument': Babylon Bee
April, You Duplicitous Little Minx: MOTUS

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Average Joe Bro said...

If your an American citizen your getting about $4000 in total stimulus money from the trillions and trillions of American tax pay money the Gov't is spending. If your an illegal alien in New York State, your getting $27,000. If your a homeless veteran you get nothing. That's how little Biden, Cuomo and the rest of the democrats care about the American taxpayers and veterans...