Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Pelosi/Schiff Argue Congress Can Secretly Subpoena Phone Records of Citizens

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Pelosi/Schiff Argue Congress Can Secretly Subpoena Phone Records of Citizens: JW
When Government Demands Censorship, All Americans Lose: Douglas Blair
Rashida Tlaib calls for 'no more policing, incarceration, and militarization': Haley Victory Smith

Major Corporations Collude To Oppose Voter ID: Michael Ginsberg
GOP lawmakers: corporations could face consequences over voting law activism: Examiner
Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?: Charles Hugh Smith

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Aims to End Single-Family Zoning: Stanley Kurtz
Inside President Biden’s New Gun-Control Actions: WSJ
Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Govt. Takeover of Zoning to Diversify Neighborhoods: Penny Starr

Second Night of Riots in Minnesota: Reagan McCarthy
Border crisis is becoming Biden's Achilles' heel: W. James Antle III
Biden Will Return to Trump Policy of Central American Agreements to Secure Border: CTH


Are You Ready For Biden’s Ban On Gas-Powered Cars?: I & I
CEOs’ Surrender To The Mobocrats On The Left Will End Poorly: I & I
Today’s blacklisted Americans: Trump supporters blackballed by employers: Robert Zimmerman

Scandal Central

Trump Wins In Michigan: John Hinderaker
Biden WH Withholds $150 Million of Ukraine Aid Until It Reforms; Exactly What Democrats Impeached Trump For: CTH
Trump demands Swalwell be removed from House Intel Cmte. after 'false' CNN report about Gaetz: Daniel Chaitin

Is Race Discrimination Legal Or Not?: John Hinderaker
John Durham scrutinizes Steele dossier source through Brookings Institution subpoena: Report: Jerry Dunleavy
Lawfare’s Trail – John Durham Deploys Records Subpoena Against Brookings Institute: CTH


How CNN Faked A Story About Matt Gaetz, Got Caught, But Still Won’t Remove It: Raheem Kassam
Critics erupt on Fauci after he says to not eat indoors, even after getting vaccine: Fox
Man Goes Off On CNN Reporter Covering Brooklyn Center Riots, Tells Them To Leave Minnesota: Kirk

Harlem Hellfighters May Receive Long Overdue Congressional Gold Medal: Christian Spencer
Why the Left Ignores the Killing of a Pakistani Immigrant Uber Driver: Dennis Prager
MN city manager fired after defending 'due process' for officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright: Haley Victory Smith


Alleged Israel Attack on Iran‘s Natanz Facility Prevents Biden Capitulation: Joel B. Pollak
China: Compromising U.S. Elected Officials: Peter Schweizer
Chinese Propagandists Tout NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman’s Comments: Yuichiro Kakutani

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US flying blind with coronavirus variants: David Hogberg
Federal health agencies call to pause Johnson & Johnson vaccine after clotting cases: Kaelan Deese
Current climate model simulations overestimate future sea-level rise: WUWT


The day Lake Conemaugh destroyed Johnstown: Salena Zito
NBA Legends And Players Explain How Scary Good Larry Bird Was: YounGala
It Doesn’t Take An Einstein…: MOTUS

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