Thursday, April 08, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Victor Davis Hanson: The Woke Revolution Is Powered by the Elites

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A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz, by Erik Larson
Victor Davis Hanson: The Woke Revolution Is Powered by the Elites: Victor Davis Hanson
Time We Make Woke Corporate America Feel Real Pain: Here’s How To Start: C. Bedford
TX governor rips Biden after child sex abuse allegations surface in migrant facility: Jake Dima

Teachers’ Union Head Rips Jews in Interview on School Reopening: WFB
Cuomo's NY: Illegals to Get $1.1B More in Aid Than Small Businesses: John Binder
Will Spiraling Border Crisis Destroy Biden’s Presidency?: I & I

Minneapolis vs. The Evidence: Ann Coulter
Major League Baseball stupidly falls for Democrats' partisan game: Examiner
Maybe Coke Should Be Cancelled for Its Nazi Past: J. B. Shurk

We Have Met the Enemy: Tal Bachman
The Hard Road: Max Morton
How the anti-Asian hate crimes epidemic destroys "woke" narrative on race: Mitchell Blatt


💲💲💲 9 Things to Know About Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Spending Scam: David Ditch
Conservatives Must Fight Corporations That Kowtow to Left: Ben Shapiro
GOP lawmakers accuse Biden EPA of imposing ‘political litmus test’ on science advisers: Abby Smith

Scandal Central

Biden to Name Anti-Gun Nut, With Ruby Ridge and Waco On His Resume, to Head ATF: Cam Edwards
Biden to announce “anti-gun violence” measures in the US: ST
Baltimore’s Rogue Prosecutor Mosby Facing 3 Probes of Official Duties, Travel, Gifts: Cully Stimson


Ben Domenech Fact-Checks NPR’s Mara Liasson Spewing Lies About Georgia Voting Law: Federalist
The Media Tried to Smear Ron DeSantis. It Backfired: Newsweek
Khloé Kardashian May Sue A Twitter Account For Posting Her Posted and Then Deleted Bikini Pic: Ehis Osifo

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Starts Legal Group to Mimic ACLU, Challenge Biden Policies: Zachary Evans
Please Be White, Please Be White, Please Be White! Darn: IntCon
Sydney Powell’s most revealing interview yet: M. Dowling


China demands Biden cave to Iran after US urges Beijing to be 'partner' in nuclear talks: Joel Gehrke
💣💣💣 Biden To Lift Sanctions on Iran to Restart Iran Nuclear Deal: RS
US military cites rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan: Robert Burns

Biden Administration Should Say No to New Trade Deals With China: Walter Lohman
Iranian Americans Demand Biden Admin Back Regime Change: Adam Kredo
Josh Hawley tries to outflank Biden on Middle East wars: W. James Antle III

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The CCI is the same anti-Bitcoin association from 2017, with the same bad characters and actors: @BeautyOn_
How a VPN vulnerability allowed ransomware to disrupt two manufacturing plants: Dan Goodin
Starlink explained: Elon Musk's new superfast satellite internet service: Nihal Krishan


Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown on Vimeo: Ted Hanik
Libturds Are Among Us ~ Afternoon Edition: Woodsterman
Chickens At The Gate, What the Cluck?: MOTUS


Average Joe Bro said...

Maybe we can get Biden to sign an executive order to immediately arrest and prosecute drug addicts who lie on a gun background check application....

directorblue said...

Average Joe Bro,

+ 1000... I snorted coffee out of my nose