Thursday, April 22, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Lunatic Democrats Invent the Nuclear Self-Decapitation Attack

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Lunatic Democrats Invent the Nuclear Self-Decapitation Attack: Mark Sessantuno
Tragedy as a Political Weapon: Christopher Rufo
Biden creating 'sophisticated, organized illegal immigration,' MI Rep. warns: Anna Giaritelli

This Trial Was A Disgrace: Kurt Schlichter
Thanks, Derek Chauvin Jurors! You’re Safe Now. We Aren’t.: Ann Coulter
Baltimore police fall below 700 officers, faces closing districts as morale fades: LET

Alinsky Crew Opine on Police Shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant During Stabbing Rampage: CTH
Democrats Could End Border Crisis Quickly. Instead, They’re Making It Worse.: Mike Pence
Hidden Agenda in Left’s New Hate Crime Bill: Virginia Allen

Democrats Reintroduce Green New Deal; ‘Socialist Super-Package’: Tom Ozimek
Report: Ga. Fraud Votes Exceed Margin Of Victory: OAN
LA: Judge takes over efforts to re-home Skid Row, blasts officials as corrupt: Tori Richards


Go Green, Go Nuclear: John Stossel
Sen. Manchin: Compare 667 coal plants being built around world to zero in U.S.: JTN
Oh yay! Get ready for your kindergartener to learn about the "Pyramid of Hate!": NTB

Scandal Central

Scalise slams FBI’s alleged ‘suicide by cop’ ruling for 2017 baseball shooting: Douglas Braff
Cotton singles out Schiff as 'potential source' for hyped Russian bounties reporting: Daniel Chaitin
Woke Corporations Adopt Hypocritical Playbook on China: Jarrett Stepman

Good News: Our Bankrupt Post Office Is Running Covert Spy Program Focused On U.S. Citizens: Jana Winter
Illegal USPS Spy Program Sounds Identical to DHS Surveillance Program: CTH
Conservative group says ‘independent’ postal board nominee is really a Democrat: Susan Ferrechio


LeBron James Tweets, Deletes Message to Columbus Police Officer, Warns ‘You’re Next’: Hannity
Intel officials walk back anti-Trump report about supposed Russian bounties on U.S. troops: Sharyl Attkisson
Inside Derek Chauvin's new home: Maximum-security prison that has never seen an escape: Joseph Simonson


Russia’s Putin Warns Biden Against ‘Crossing Red Line’: OANN
Israeli, UAE fighter jets fly together in large international exercise in Greece: TOI
Covid-19 in India: Why second coronavirus wave is devastating: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mask Mandates for Children Mostly Harmful: Professor of Medicine: Epoch
Muh Climate Emergency: Hansen’s 1988 global-warming prediction was 300% more than actual observation: WUWT
Biden sets target of cutting US emissions up to 52% by 2030 but won't detail how to get there: Josh Siegel


Marxism: 100 Years of Deception -- and Counting: Laura Hollis
Libturd Thursday in the Morning: Woodsterman
Rise And Burn: MOTUS

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MMinWA said...

The ONLY thing Fuck Mike Pence could ever say that would interest me, and then for no more then the time to read it, would be to tell us he's seen the light about his duplicitous actions on the 1/6 and is retiring to a cave forever, where we will never again have to see his scum sucking face again.