Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Corporate America’s Siege on Democracy

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LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool: Combo Knife & Bottle Opener
Corporate America’s Siege on Democracy: Vivek Ramaswamy
While America Slept: The Story of a Distracted Military and a Rising China: Rep. Mark Green
Our Lost Liberties: Cal Thomas

GOP A.G.'s Plan to Create Legal Roadblocks for Biden Agenda: Thomas Catenacci
Josh Hawley reveals plans to break up big corporate power: Fox
Officer who shot Daunte Wright resigns, police chief follows: Kaelan Deese

Today’s blacklisted American: MTG, because she speaks her mind: Robert Zimmerman
Who is David Chipman, Biden's pick to lead ATF?: Sarah Westwood
Due Process Is Good, He Said Controversially: Matt Taibbi


I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated: Paul Rossi
Government to spend $352 per night on hotel beds for 80,000 migrant families: Anna Giaritelli
HHS awarded Biden-linked group $530M no-bid contract to house migrants: Anna Giaritelli

Scandal Central

Investigative Reporter Uncovers Disturbing Facts About Presidential Election in Wisconsin: Virginia Allen
Mike Lindell reveals timestamp correlation between late night vote ‘drops’, Chinese cyberattacks: JD Rucker
GOP Senators Urge FBI To Investigate Biden’s Pentagon Nominee For Leaking Classified Intel: Gabe Kaminsky


Understanding the transgender movement’s hatred of parents: American Mind
The Absentee Vote Logic of the New York Times: Eric Felten
BLM says story about co-founder's new multi-million dollar home are fueled by 'white supremacy': Post Millenial

Woke-a-Cola: How To Destroy A World-Leading Brand In 60 Seconds: ZH
What Media Failed to Do by Examining Influence of Anthony Fauci: Steve Deace and Todd Erzen
The Press Is Infrastructure for Biden: Tim Graham


China Sticks it to a Prostrate America: Lloyd Billingsley
Biden Wants to Underfund Defense Department While Asking It to Do More: Frederico Bartels
The Life of Jailed Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny Is in Peril. US Must Act to Save Him.: Alexis Mrachek

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FBI removes 'malicious web shells' tied to China-linked Microsoft hack: Jerry Dunleavy
Is GBTC Stock A Good Buy As Bitcoin Play Eyes New Buy Point?: Michael Larkin
Physical inactivity linked to more severe COVID-19 infection, death: Study: IndianExpress


Cheap Shot: Stilton’s Place
Presenting Your Crazy Person Du Jour: Diogenes
Stiffen All Over: Earl of Taint


Anonymous said...

blm and antifa are Obama's civilian army; and the attacks on Policing (law and order)is the maneuver to implement a national police force. Eliminating Christians from these ranks and swearing loyalty to the person of the President is the coup de grasse. America is under Chinese attack, or maybe you like the fact that everything you use is made by these people. Even the big three automakers are all using Chinese glass. Wake up dudes, take off your masks, and turn off the telly.

Anonymous said...

With clots and death from the Vaccines there has emerged in those vaccinated curious manifestations. To this point, BGM (Bill Gates Media) has verified the emergence of alligator like scales on the back, and a thing they can only call "alligator eye".
The Scientific race now is formulating an RNA recall from the bodies of the vaccinated. This is more easily done in 6 month olds than in the elderly but they are making progress. The work is allowing the American public to seize on "informed consent" for vaccination refusal.