Thursday, September 09, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden AWOL as Non-Gender Proportional Taliban Holding Six Planes Filled with Americans Hostage

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Biden AWOL as Taliban Holding Six Planes Filled with Americans Hostage: Ace
California recall candidate Larry Elder targeted by racist, egg-throwing crowd: Misty Severi
Harris resurfaces for Newsom after being MIA on Afghanistan, border and voting rights: Exam

"Public Health" Propaganda: Dr. Fauci enters witness protection: Techno Fog
Biden Will Introduce Six Step Plan To Continue COVID Fear and Control System: CTH
Former CIA official announces bid to oust Elise Stefanik from House: Misty Severi

State Dept. Rejects Private Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan: Sebastian Hughes
TikTok Promotes Sexual Content, Drugs And Alcohol To Children - Investigation: Ailan Evans
Who Afghan Refugees Are and Where They’ll Go in America: Kaylee Greenlee

This Dissent Over Mask Mandates Explains Why Tyranny Wins When Judges Won’t Act: Kylee Zempel
Elizabeth Warren Asks Amazon to Ban Books, Products Spreading ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’: Thomas Catenacci
Head of software game company forced out because he expressed a pro-life opinion: Robert Zimmerman


Washington test-drives a new driving fee based on spying on your movements: Politishmo
White House Very Worried About Being Held Accountable for Food Price Inflation Their Policies Have Created: CTH
My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.: Peter Boghossian

Scandal Central

White House Extends Emergency Granting Authority for Feds to Enter State Election Databases for Midterms: CTH
GOP Congressman wants House panel to probe Hunter Biden art deal, citing 'unprecedented' prices: Sophie Mann
Biden Purges Trump Appointees From Education, Science Boards In ‘Unprecedented’ Step: Luke Rosiak

FBI releases new footage of Jan. 6 eve pipe bomb suspect eight months into search: Jeremy Beaman
Teachers union influenced CDC school masking guidance, emails show: Cassidy Morrison
Liz Harris Discusses Results of an Independent Canvass Audit in Maricopa, Arizona: CTH


Google employee program: America a “system of white supremacy” all are “raised to be racist.”: Rufo
Pro-Abortion "Journalist": Killing Your Baby Is a Right That Women Have Now: Ace
AOC explains trans men and nonbinary people can menstruate after referring to 'menstruating people': Matthew Miller

Urgent Rosh HaShanah Message To The Gentiles From The Jews: LidBlog
Putrid Gasbag Jimmy Kimmel: Deny All Health Care to the Unvaccinated: Ace
The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me To Live By Lies: Joy Pullmann


China unveils aid for Taliban government featuring Haqqani Network terrorist chief: Joel Gehrke
Biden Admin Seeks to Waive Sanctions on Syria’s Assad: Adam Kredo
By Empowering Taliban, Biden Enables Next 9/11: James Carafano

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Britain forced to fire up coal plant amid record power prices and winter squeeze: Paul Homewood
Fossils of giant, 'mind-boggling' swimming head creature unearthed in Canada: Scott Gleeson
The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination': PJM


It's Libturd Thursday ~ 1: Woodsterman
More Prongs: Earl of Taint
We’ll All Do Just Fine: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

It is clear that Jos Biden is deliberately harming the interests of the United States and its citizens. Have you had enough yet(?) or will you only notice when your health care is strangulated and your mail isn't delivered anymore?
Normies wake up!

Anonymous said...

It's reported that Hunter Biden was arrested coming from Dubai with friends, underage girls, and several pounds of cocaine.
We shall see:

"we don't work for your father", lol.

Anonymous said...

well, that was bogus.