Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: U.S. Intel Leaks Biden Transcript Again: Biden Urges Afghan Leader to Lie About Taliban Advances

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U.S. Intel Leaks Biden Transcript Again: Biden Urges Afghan Leader to Lie About Taliban: CTH
Biden told Afghan President he needed to lie about the Taliban's rapid advance: Daily Mail
Ben Rhodes' Book Proves Obama WH Lies About Snowden: Glenn Greenwald

Importing Enemies: Michael Anton
Veterans suicide hotline received more than 35,000 calls during Afghanistan evac: Mike Brest
Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan in line for GOP backlash over Afghanistan crisis: Joel Gehrke

Democrats Are Remaking the Federal Courts at a Record-Breaking Pace: John R. Lott, Jr.
Democrat Blocks Names of 13 Dead Service Members from Being Read on House Floor: WJ
17 Defendants From Jan. 6 Breach Now ‘Effectively Without Counsel’: DOJ: DailyWire

President Trump Sits Down for Hour Long Interview, Real America – Face to Face With 45: CTH
Animal Rights Groups: Biden Abandoned Dozens of Service Dogs in Afghanistan: John Hayward
Fact-Checked: Gavin Newsom Shouldn’t Have Dared Us: I&I


Biden's America-Last Administration: U.S. Aid Will Keep Flowing to Taliban: Robert Spencer
IRS: Truckers required to pay heavy highway vehicle use tax by Aug. 31 : FoxBiz
HHS Amends PREP Act Liability Waiver To Cover Only NIH Approved Treatments for COVID-19: CTH

Scandal Central

Biden Administration Erased Afghan Weapons Reports From Federal Websites: Forbes
The world’s best-armed terror state begins to master the weapons Biden left in their hands: Thomas Lifson
Video shows arsenal of tanks seized by Taliban as terror group now control £62billion worth of military gear: The Sun

Bombshell Transcript: Biden had a secret deal in July to hide imminent Taliban threat: M. Dowling
Hearing Scheduled on Documents Related to Obamagate Spy Operation on President Trump’s 2016 Campaign: JW
Judge orders Ghislaine Maxwell to turn over secret documents on Clintons: ElectionWiz


NPR Trashes Free Speech. A Brief Response: Matt Taibbi
Instagram Backtracks on Deleted Account of Mother of Slain Marine: Autumn Johnson
Family of L/Cpl Rylee McCollum Discuss Their Grief and Opinion Of A Self-Centered Commander in Chief: CTH


Situation in Afghanistan ‘A High Tension, High Panic, Anne Frank-Like Environment’: Rescue Mission Leader: ET
Taliban Show Off Captured Aircraft And Other Spoils After Taking Over Kabul's Airport (Updated): The Drive
Here's One Guy No One Thought Joe Biden Would Leave Behind in Afghanistan: PJM

Taliban Shoot Dead Folk Singer After Announcing Public Music Ban in Afghanistan: ET
Biden Administration Won’t Rule Out Giving Aid to Afghan Taliban: Masooma Haq
Watch as Obama National Security Officials, Led by Ben Rhodes, Get Caught Lying in Real Time: Glenn Greenwald

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Judge orders hospital to treat Ohio Covid patient with ivermectin: Guardian
Nvidia’s new voice A.I. sounds just like a real person: Jacob Roach
Skimming the CREAM – recursive withdrawals loot $13M in cryptocash: Paul Ducklin


Does This Make Sense To Any Rational Person In America?: Earl of Taint
Bad Dismount: Stilton’s Place
Joey’s Great Reset: MOTUS



Anonymous said...

RE: "Taliban Shoot Dead Folk Singer After Announcing Public Music Ban in Afghanistan: ET"

Why would the Taliban want to shoot a folk singer who was already dead?

Wouldn't it be better to shoot the proofreader of the article instead?

Only kidding, of course. PROOFREAD!

Anonymous said...

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