Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 09.07.21: "Rachel Maddow May Be The Force Needed To Unite Humanity" Edition

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The Gipper Lives said...

At some point we decided that

…Chinese students should work at all our research universities, even if they were 35, have a receding hairline and a night job with Chinese Intelligence.

…that Chinese scientists could work in our bio-weapons labs, our conventional weapons labs, our space weapons labs and our nuclear weapons labs and travel freely back to China for well-deserved family vacations and occasional debriefings.

…that NIH Director Frances Collins could work for Chinese front companies collecting Americans’ DNA information to study how not to be as stupid as to let Chinese front companies collect Americans’ DNA information.

…that our Voting Machine CheatWare should send our votes to Shenzhen to be tabulated because Math is Hard(tm), Barbie.

…that all our corporations must kowtow to Slave Owners while loudly denouncing Honest Elections as “Jim Crow”.

…that Dr. Franken-Fauci should build a Super-Bug with his Chinese partners and then be put in charge of our response to his own Frankenstein.

…that the entire Biden Crime Family take bribes openly from the Chinese Politburo while Big Tech suppresses the fact.

…that China should install Biden and pick his entire Cabinet, even the CIA Director, and command Biden to leave Afghanistan--you know, the Way that the Framers Intended(tm).

And nobody from the gutless Whore Media even thinks its worth discussing because, hey, at least they were all anti-Trump!

Somewhere along the line, we decided all this. I don’t remember it, but we must have, right?

Because I only remember voting for the two-time winner who said “No more”.

commoncents said...

Video - State Dept accused of blocking evacuation flights from Afghanistan


Average Joe Bro said...

Bravo, well said!