Thursday, September 30, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Democratic Incrementalism Makes Pandemic Vote-By-Mail Ballots Permanent

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Democratic Incrementalism Makes Pandemic Vote-By-Mail Ballots Permanent: PJM
Manchin trashes Democratic spending bill: ‘Fiscal insanity’: Susan Ferrechio
Border Crisis Update For September 29, 2021: BattleSwarm

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Bill Is a ‘Socialist Wish List’: Signal
Democrat-only Jan. 6 committee unleashes second wave of illegal subpoenas: Kaelan Deese
Border Patrol Breaks All-Time Migrant Apprehension Record in 2021: Randy Clark

Obama and Biden in Chicago would have been a great cartoon...: John Kass
CDC implements gun violence study after naming it 'public health threat': Hannah Nightingale
The Fruits of Defunding Police? What New Crime Data Shows: Jarrett Stepman

Parents Of Imprisoned Soldier: His Crime Was Speaking Truth About Afghanistan Withdrawal: Lord
FL Gov. DeSantis On Australian COVID Response: Should Diplomatic Relations Be Reviewed?: CTH
65% Say Americans Should Not Lose Their Jobs if They Object to COVID Vaccine: Human Events


US default a greater risk than Evergrande meltdown: AT
Big Business Loves Big Government: The Drill Down
Even far-left Democrat McAuliffe says $3.5 trillion is 'too high' for reconciliation bill in Virginia debate: Emily Brooks

How Democrats' capital gains tax hikes would damage innovation: Examiner
Yes, There's a Tax Hike That Will Clobber Rural Americans in This Infrastructure Bill: Matt Vespa
Opposition mounts to Biden’s OCC pick, fears she could ‘regulate crypto into oblivion’: Cointelgraph

Scandal Central

Behind the Scenes of the Natural Origin Narrative: Carlson and Mahncke
Destroying America, Overtly or Covertly: Cal Thomas
The Societal Impacts of COVID Propaganda Using the Promotion of Irrational Fear: CTH

Hunter Biden Rode On AF2 To Broker Chinese Deal On Mexican Oil And Gas Field: OAN
Mark Meadows on FBI informant in Capitol riot crowd: 'There is a whole lot that needs to come out': Daniel Chaitin
Ex-DNI Ratcliffe Refutes General Milley’s Blame of Intel Saying China Was Worried About U.S. Attack: CTH


Comrade Citizens, Google Subsidiary YouTube Bans Any Content or Discussion Critical of Vaccines: CTH
Shoplifters brazenly steal from Marshalls — as employees just watch: Joshua Rhett Miller
HOT MIC: ABC News Excludes Obama’s Criticism of ‘Open Borders’ from Interview: Hannity

No One Outside Of China Allowed To Attend 2022 Winter Games In Beijing: Ryan Saavedra
Corey Lewandowski cut from 'Trumpworld' after GOP donor accuses him of unwanted advances: Kaelan Deese
The Marine In Delta Force During Benghazi: Captain’s Journal


Kamala Harris Under Fire For Nodding In Affirmation As Student Accuses Israel Of "Ethnic Genocide": ZH
Australia’s Aim Is Zero COVID-19 Cases, but That Means ‘Zero Freedom,’ Local Says: Virginia Allen
Rebel News in Victoria Hold Police Accountable, and The Police Do Not Like It: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Germany Probes Multiple China-Made Smartphone Types Over Security Concerns: ET
Boston doctor explains why CDC has issued urgent health advisory to unvaccinated pregnant women: WCVB
Millions of old phones, laptops, and smart gadgets could stop working later this week for a weird reason: Examiner


Are Electric Vehicles a Joke?: Power Line
Our Retelling Of “The Mummy’s Curse”: Earl of Taint
Throwback Thursday: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

Good news report on the Boston Epidemiologist (Doron) regarding Covid. She has completely embraced the CDC narrative and it is interesting to watch. There are other Doctors thus qualified whose opinions differ, would have been nice to see a counter point.
Talk about a mess for the average man to figure out.

commoncents said...

COVID Down Under - Apartheid Australia: Hell On Earth