Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: FOIA Release: Fauci Funded Construction Of Weaponized Coronaviruses In Wuhan

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FOIA Release: Fauci Funded Construction Of Weaponized Coronaviruses In Wuhan: ZH
Did Fauci lie about NIH/NIAID ties to gain-of-function work in China?: Ed Morrissey
Wuhan lab documents: Fauci ‘untruthful’ about gain-of-function research: critics: Emily Crane

Sept. 11 mastermind smiles and waves as he returns to Gitmo court: Jerry Dunleavy
Joe Biden: Out-Of-Touch Carnival Barker: Kerry Dougherty
Judge Rejects Minneapolis Ballot Language on Policing: NewsMax

Joe Biden Is a Total Failure: Conrad Black
President Trump Interview With Dan Bongino, Current Events: CTH
Biden feels the heat from all sides on 'Remain in Mexico' policy: Katherine Doyle

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics: Greenwald
Blinken: Taliban won’t let stranded Americans leave over paperwork! Unbelievable!: M. Dowling
Biden’s Ammunition Ban Is Part Of The Left’s Plot To Disarm Americans: David Kopel


President Klain: $3.5T Democrat Agenda 'Adds Nothing to the Debt -- Nothing to the Debt': Susan Jones
Biden's inflation woes persist with production stoppages at 'Big Three' automakers: Christian Datoc
Astonishing photos show a two-mile runway at Ramstein Air Base as a tent city for Afghan evacuees: DailyMail

Scandal Central

I'm "furious" over "inexcusable" abandonment of Americans, allies in Afghanistan, says ... Senate Dem: Ed Morrissey
Afghan evacuation raises concerns about child trafficking: Associated Depressed
All five exchanged for Bergdahl have top jobs in Afghanistan: M. Dowling

Fauci Lied, Thousands Died: CTH
Newly Released Docs Provide Further Evidence Fauci Lied About Funding Gain-of-Function Research: Debra Heine
New FOIA Reveals Fauci Agency Funded Pathogen Enhancement at Wuhan Lab: HE


Moral Majority Media Strikes Again: Matt Taibbi
Biden has no business setting foot at Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11: Marc Thiessen
Lara Trump Blasts Kamala Harris And Michelle Obama For Their ‘Hypocritical’ Silence On Afghan Women: TPI


Afghan Fallout: Biden Ruins America's Most Important Relationship — India: Gordon G. Chang
Australia travel law bans residents of other countries from leaving: RebelNews
Ashraf Ghani: The US-backed Afghan 'technocrat' who seemed doomed to fail: Jerry Dunleavy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How The Amazon Web Hosting Crackdown Threatens Patreon, Substack, And You: Joy Pullmann
Germany and Singapore move away from tying restrictions to COVID-19 case counts: David Hogberg
900 pages of data on Wuhan: Fauci funded pathogen enhancement: M. Dowling


World Trade Center 'surfer' struggles to comprehend his survival 20 years later: Tori Richards
Libtturds Are Pissing Me Off This Afternoon: Woodsterman
An Existential Threat: Trunalimunumaprzure: MOTUS
QOTD: “As you review the jaw-dropping [FOIA] information [on Fauci and Wuhan], previously suspected but now demonstrably proven, it is well worth re-evaluating the current position of Fauci. Knowing he was intentionally and maliciously lying to everyone, how can anyone take anything he says -any advice at all- with any semblance of credibility. His direct responsibility for killing thousands of people around the world, carries every motive to manipulate the truth, lie about everything else, and steer the global medical community in any direction; regardless of world-wide consequences for anyone, anywhere.” --Sundance


Average Joe Bro said...

Fauci and his fellow cronies should be in Guantanamo awaiting trial and technically China is right. Covid, in a sense, started in the USA with Fauci and American taxpayers money....

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