Thursday, September 16, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Border Agents Encounter 200,000 Migrants in August as Crisis Drags On

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Border Agents Encounter 200,000 Migrants in August as Crisis Drags On: Zachary Evans
No one elected Mark Milley: Stephen L. Miller
Milley and the Cuckoo Coup Clan: Don Surber

FEC's Giving Twitter a Pass on Hunter Biden Laptop Cover-up A Travesty: Tim Murtaugh
The Unsung Death of ‘My Body, My Choice’: Jack Cashill
Senator Demands To Know “Who Cuts Off Biden’s Mic?”; "Who’s In Charge”: Summit

Cradle to Grave Waste Fills Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan: John Goodman
Biden WH Takes Over Monoclonal Antibody Drugs to Stop Treatments in Red States: CTH
Another COVID ‘Fact’ Turns Out To Be A Wild Exaggeration: I&I

Wray Says He’s Really Sorry For FBI’s Systemic Corruption That Led to Sexual Abuse of Gymnasts: CTH
As Biden Says Islam is Peaceful, D.C. Imam Calls for Jihad: Robert Spencer
Ocasio-Cortez’s Attendance at Lavish Met Gala Draws Ethics Complaint: Andrew Kerr


Financial Privacy Dodged a Joe Biden Bullet....This Time: Rep. Warren Davidson
Why Is There So Little Outrage at All of the Corporate Welfare?: John Stossel
CCP laughing as US, EU want joint pledge targeting 30% cut in methane emissions by 2030: Jeremy Beaman

Scandal Central

Trump acting Defense Secretary Miller says he 'did not' authorize Milley China calls, says he should resign: Fox
DOD Confirms Milley Conversations with Chinese Counterpart, on Nukes: Kristina Wong
Gen. Austin Miller said to have advised against the Afghanistan withdrawal - sources: Griffin & Heinrich

NYT: John Durham seeks indictment of Clinton Campaign Lawyer: Techno Fog
NYT Uses 4 Narrative Engineers To Help Protect One of Their Perkins Coie Sources, Michael Sussmann: CTH
Shocking: Former Intelligence Branch Officials Do Not Want Big Tech Regulated: CTH


Amazon Blocks Ad for Book Investigating Black Lives Matter: Fred Lucas
Harry and Migraine: The TIME 100 is a confederacy of dunces: SpectatorWorld
AOC is a hot glue-gun mess: Chadwick Moore


Biden announces trilateral military technology pact with Britain and Australia: Katherine Doyle
U.S., Australia, U.K. to share nuclear submarine technology under new security pact: Times
Ex-PM's rant about American nuclear submarines: if they can’t beat a bunch of taliban in pickup trucks: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Nearly every nation except for one falls short in plans to curb global warming: Post
The real human exploration of the solar system began on September 15, 2021: Robert Zimmerman
Vaccine Insider: COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign Must End: Mercola


Back of the Box: Earl of Taint
It Must Be Libturd Thursday Morning: Woodsterman
Late Summer Souls: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

Pelosi forgets the covid breakthrough die off is coming, but likely she took the saline and will survive. Show me your antibodies Nance, prove you got the jab, I don't think you did.
If you lose your job because you are a Deplorable just stick in the clutch for 6 months and likely you'll be re-hired for more money.
Good folks never lose.

Anonymous said...

Millie said to Nancy, we're gonna get a little place. We're gonna have a cow, and some pigs, and we're gonna have, maybe, maybe, a chicken. Down in the flat, we'll have a little field of, a field of alfalfa for the rabbits. Nancy replied, Okay, yeah, we're gonna get a little place, Millie giggled with happiness and said, and I get to tend the rabbits and live off of the fat of the land. Yes said Nancy and you get to tend the rabbits.

Chocolate Larry said...

Haddad, France still building 5g network work Chinese/Huawei components, that's probably part of the issue, my guess inability to black out peeks into sub support network at docks, contractors etc

commoncents said...

RIP - Norm Macdonald's Moth Joke - VIDEO