Saturday, September 25, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Twitter and the 'Fact-Checkers' Line Up to Protect Biden

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The Election Heist, a Novel by Ken Timmerman
Twitter and the 'Fact-Checkers' Line Up to Protect Biden: Tim Graham
Biden opposes honorable discharge guarantee for troops who refuse COVID vaccine: AMN
HorseGate: Joe Biden Lies, Saying Border Patrol Whipped Illegal Border Crossers: CTH

Officials: up to 30,000 migrants flooded Del Rio, all have been cleared from camp: Fox
Border Patrol Council head: Biden would be arrested if he wasn’t president: AMN
The Hunter Biden Cover-Up Is a Scandal: David Harsanyi

Democrats in Congress Try to Abolish Space Force: ET
Biden Struggles to Corral His Party Over Trillions in Spending: Fred Lucas
Parents Taking Their Kids Out of Traditional Public Schools in Astounding Numbers: PJM

It’s Time to Break Up the FBI: Roger L. Simon
Biden Isn’t Facing ‘Challenges.’ Biden Is The Challenge: Eddie Scarry
George Soros Behind Group Flooding America with Afghan Refugees: Jay Greenberg


Congress Wants to Tax You by the Mile: Kevin Cochrane
Budget Bill Devotes Billions to New ‘Civilian Climate Corps’: Joseph Lord
Bill banning small, gas-powered engines and generators heads to Governor's desk: Fox26

Scandal Central

3,000 Doctors and Scientists Accuse COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Debra Heine
‘Sky News’ Documentary: What Really Happened in Wuhan?: Mercola
‘Our Kids Carpooled Together’: How Old Friends In High Places Assembled The Russia Collusion Hoax: Eric Felten

Arizona Audit Finds Over 50,000 Illegal Votes; Either ‘Malicious Actions or Severe Incompetence’: Debra Heine
6 Takeaways From Findings of Arizona Election Audit: Fred Lucas
Political Appointee Overrides FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee and Authorizes Pfizer Booster Shots: CTH


Instagram Is Bad for Teens—and Facebook Knows It: ET
Candace Owens: New Jan. 6th footage proves it ‘was a grandma selfie party’: Jenny Goldsberry
Graphic letter from Jan. 6 detainee being held in solitary details ‘nightmare’ of his life behind bars: BPR


China should be ready to make first nuclear strike, says envoy: AsiaTimes
China carrying out Nazi-style experiments on Muslims with organs cut out, mystery injections--Report: Patrick Knox
Huawei executive held in Canada to walk free after DOJ agrees to defer prosecution: Jerry Dunleavy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

I, For One, Welcome Our New Self-Driving Overlords: SDA
Winged Microchip Is Smallest-Ever Human-Made Flying Structure – The Size of a Grain of Sand: SciTechDaily
China banning crypto transactions ‘great news for bitcoin’: Investment firm CEO: Ihsaan Fanusie


Biden on CSPAN Praises “Unrelenting Immigration” to Reduce Whites to an “Absolute Minority”: GraniteGrok
BETO 3 – Back To The Doucher: Earl of Taint
Official Lies From The Ministry of Scientific Ministrations: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

It's quite shocking to hear the Media's bald faced lies.
Do you want to know the end game(?), do you want to know where this is going?
After listening to the Arizona/Biden narrative and seeing that the 'die off' will be attributed to the un-vaxed this is nearer than expected:

commoncents said...

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