Saturday, September 04, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: His foreign policy in shambles, Biden’s domestic agenda falling apart too

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His foreign policy in shambles, Biden’s domestic agenda falling apart too: Conn Carroll
Surge in Antisemitism Linked to Spread of Critical Race Theory: Douglas Blair
Who We Brought Out: Scott Johnson

Biden Administration Struggling to Figure Out Who They Evacuated From Afghanistan: CTH
What we left behind: VDH edition: Scott Johnson
Biden Surrendered to the Taliban; The GOP Must Not Surrender to Biden: FPM

Kamala Harris Has Blood On Her Hands: John Hinderaker
Whoops, She Did It Again: CTH
Federal judge strikes down Obama policy of making asylum-seekers wait in Mexico: Hot Air

Part I, The Solution – Deconstructing the Fourth Branch of Government: CTH
Military Exemptions for the COVID Vaccine Mandate: Techno Fog
Texas Senate Passes $1.8B Border Security Bill: OAN


What happens when the Social Security trust fund hits zero?: Conn Carroll
In Biden’s America, it’s better not to be employed: Stephen Moore
Americans deserve a national 'right-to-work' law: Mark Mix

Scandal Central

Breitbart, Steve Bannon and John Fredericks Reporting on Leaked Ballot Mule Investigation: CTH
Fentanyl in America: A Barometer of the China-US Relationship: Bonnie Girard
White House proposes removing penalties for fentanyl trafficking-related offenses: Fox

Massive Ballot Dropbox Bust Blown Wide Open: War Room
Has California’s Recall Election Already Been Stolen?: Dan Gelernter
After leaving terrorists $85 billion of heavy arms, Biden to sign on to UN’s global gun registration treaty: Paul Bedard


Defund the Police? Why Not Defund Politicians?: Michael Letts
A 'Fact-Check' on Joe Biden Checking His Watch Leads to a Correction for the Ages: RS
Free Speech Alliance, Conservative Leaders Implore Fact-Checking Network to Remove PolitiFact: NB


Biden's Afghanistan mess may be worse than Britain's infamous retreat: Michael Rubin
How was the Afghanistan withdrawal botched so badly?: Adam Laxalt
Biden’s purely political Afghanistan timeline got Americans killed: Examiner

Private Rescue Team Criticizes Biden Administration, Which ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’ To Help Girls Escape Taliban: DC
Fitful 48 Hours for Americans, Afghans Trying to Escape: Susan Crabtree
Orwell’s Australia: 15 minutes to take your photo and text to the government: M. Dowling

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC endorsed use of ivermectin … for Afghan refugees: Daniel Horowitz
On Comparing 30-Year “Climate Normals”: Ric Werme
More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems: Report: Anthony Furey


Libturd Thursday Morning As It Should Be: Woodsterman
Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired…: Right Wing Cat
Americans: Endangered Species: MOTUS

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