Saturday, September 04, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 09.04.21: "That Is Not Normal, Just So You All Know" Edition

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Anonymous said...

Very good interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko here later in the video:
Among other things he pointed out that Psy Ops aimed at creating madness in people involved 3 things: isolation, fear, and confusion, and he fingered the Covid debacle as providing exactly this kind of environment. The normal response he said was that humans would seek a place of no conflict and that's why the vaccinated are in denial about contrary opinions as they would be if they were members of a cult.

Anonymous said...

We're half way through the Greek alphabet with the Mu virus and I suspect when we get to Omega Biden will give America to the Chinese to settle the debt. Why wouldn't flipping the Country to Chinese control be in the cards?

Anonymous said...

The video posted by the first commenter - - is exceptional - really packed full of information that seems credible to me - no red flags nor far-fetched claims. Just common sense - and positive results from early treatment with long-proven therapeutics.

According to Jeffrey Jaxen's report - starting at 20:25 - I just learned that Israel had an exclusive contract with Pfizer (25:19) for their vaccine and also had a sharp rise in myocarditis/pericarditis.

Interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett, TX ER physician on Regeneron and Budesonide - early treatment - before patient gets really sick - is also very good!

Discussion about Israel and the interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko begins at about 1:16:00.
1:25:24 - Dr. Zelenko says do not confuse Israel’s government with God’s Chosen Jewish People. Deal was made with Pfizer for $$$.
1:32:04 - Dr. Zelenko said the censorship in Israel would make the Chinese proud.
1:42:40 - Chilling statements about prior vaccines and ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement)
1:45:50 - Hasn’t had a death in 7 months - has treated thousands of patients.
2:02:00 - Dr. Zelenko - I believe we are being tested by GOD - who are we going to bow down to?