Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Top Wuhan Lab Theory Denier Reverses Stance, Reveals He Knew Of Virus Weeks In Advance

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Top Wuhan Lab Theory Denier Reverses Stance, Knew Of Virus Weeks In Advance: Pulse
Dr Michael McDowell Discusses The Genetic Bioweapon SarsCoV2: CTH
History Will Not Be Kind to the Biden Train-Wreck Presidency: Stephen Kruiser

Apparently, there's no getting rid the Afghan 'refugees' who don't pass vetting: M. Showalter
Cotton: Biden Left Behind Majority of Deserving Afghans; Brought In Unknowns: Ian Hanchett
Evacuated Afghans Demand Chain Migration of Extended Families: Victoria Friedman

What do you do with a Woken Military?: Don Surber
Kamala Will Campaign to Protect California Gov. Newsom, Wednesday in SF: CTH
Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?: Katrina Trinko

Claremont Institute chairman calls for Republican leadership amid 'culture war': Luke Gentile
Narratives: Thinking About Persistent Racial Inequality in the United States: Glenn Loury
Marxist Nature of Black Lives Matter Exposed in New Book: Virginia Allen


Baltimore city student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA: Chris Papst
Stanford Study: More Businesses Have Already Fled California This Year Than in All of 2020: Brad Polumbo
Biden plays politics with masks in schools: Examiner

Scandal Central

WHO Scientist That Spoke Out Against Using Ivermectin Charged with Mass Murder in India: GraniteGrok
The government is lying about vaccines and ivermectin – but why?: Wayne Allyn Root
Pallets of Cash? US in “talks” with Taliban over additional Kabul evacuations: Kaelan Deese

Biden Chief of Staff Backs Green Energy Despite His Costly Role in Solyndra Scandal: Fred Lucas
There’s Nothing The U.S. Can Do To Affect Global Temperature: I&I
Lawmakers Involved in Efforts to Rescue Americans in Afghanistan Rip Into Administration: Patrick Goodenough


Dave Rubin Interviews Tucker Carlson: CTH
Classical Music’s Suicide Pact (Part 1): Heather Mac Donald
Want to Save America? Don't Act Like a Conservative: Abigail Shrier


Kim Jong Un calls for ‘urgent action’ on climate change amid North Korean food shortage: Emily Crane
New Zealand responds to terrorist stabbings by taking knives off supermarket shelves: BPR
In Italy, You Now Must Have A Vaccine Card To Fly, Take A Train, Or Go To University: Gabe Kaminsky

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is COVID a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? Not Quite.: Brian C.Joondeph, MD
Photos: Houseboats Crowd Dwindling Lake Oroville in California Drought: Joel B. Pollak
Harvard Study: Natural Immunity 27 Times More Effective Against Delta Variant Than Vaccines: TruePundit


Taliban Blackhawks: Yogi Love
Happy Labor Day Scruffnecks: CTH
What Dreams May Come…: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

RE: "Photos: Houseboats Crowd Dwindling Lake Oroville in California Drought: Joel B. Pollak"

"Since 2008, 1.4 trillion gallons of water has been flushed into the San Francisco Bay to protect the Delta smelt, an endangered species of fish, from water pumps. That’s enough water to sustain over 6 million people for six years."
- The San Diego Tribune, DEC. 2, 2015

"In less than 90 days – from Dec. 1, 2015, to Feb. 28, 2016 – almost 200 billion gallons of water has been flushed out through San Francisco Bay. That’s enough water to supply almost 3.5 million Southern Californians with enough domestic water for a year..."
- The Orange County Register, March 4, 2016

"In February [2019] alone, an estimated 18 trillion gallons of water fell on [California]. In urban areas and coastal cities, 80 percent ends up diverted into the ocean..."
- Fox News, March 6, 2019

It appears that California is expert at putting the "Cracy" in "Bureaucracy".


MichiganCPA said...

Another interesting situation in California's ongoing water debacle - Water diverted for Pot production. Look it up. Mountain lakes are going dry and household hydroponics are soaking up water.

Anonymous said...

With the ever-tightening restrictions in Australia I don't understand why they have not resorted to a heavy application of burning and looting. They are missing out on their summer of love.