Tuesday, October 25, 2022

10 Reasons John Fetterman Is The Most Extreme Candidate In History

By Dr. Kyle J. Farnswhacker, PhD, MBA, BMF

 Here are just 10 reasons why:

  • Emptying Prisons: Fetterman is on tape — at least fourteen times — advocating for the release of one-third of Pennsylvania’s inmates — more than 12,000 convicted criminals. 

  • Voting To Release First-Degree Murderers: Fetterman was the lone vote to release multiple first-degree murderers, including one who stabbed a woman to death with scissors and one who beat a 17-year-old boy with a baseball bat because of his skin color.

  • Ending Life Sentences: Fetterman said if he had a “magic wand” and could “fix one thing,” he would end “life without parole" for murderers. Fetterman also admitted he hopes to “free” all 1,200 Pennsylvania inmates serving life sentences for second-degree murder.

  • Eliminating Cash Bail: In 2018, Fetterman admitted he wants to “get rid of cash bail.”

  • Drugs For All: Not only does Fetterman want to decriminalize ALL drugs — including fentanyl — but he also wants to open heroin injection sites — something he considers not “too radical.”

  • Empathy For Murderers: Why has Fetterman voted to release so many brutal killers? He thinks they are good people. He says they’re “just like” Morgan Freeman and “like your grandfather.” That’s why he’s willing to accept the “possibility” released murderers may “hurt somebody” again.

  • Love For Krasner: Despite violent crime tearing apart the city of Philadelphia, Fetterman calls Larry Krasner — the radical district attorney — a “progressive champion of criminal justice reform.”

  • Unfettered Loyalty To Biden: Fetterman has pledged — repeatedly — to support Biden’s agenda 100% of the time, saying he’s not “all that important or special to try and f**k with President Biden or the party’s agenda.”

  • Banning Fracking & Canceling Pipelines: In 2016, Fetterman called fracking a “stain” on Pennsylvania and signed a pledge to ban it. Fetterman also supported Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and wants to “stop” the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

  • No Limits On Abortion: On at least three occasions, Fetterman has said he wants no limits on abortion — not even for fully formed, healthy babies in the ninth month of pregnancy.  

And that’s not even the half of it.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he head the law school at Yale?

Not commencents said...

Ever notice how the media never shows a pic of him on his right side? He's got a grapefruit sized bump on his neck/head. Why does nobody ever talk about what the hell that thing is? He's always wearing a hoodie to cover it up.

commoncents said...

Full Video - John Pennsylvania Senate: Fetterman v Dr. Mehmet Oz