Saturday, October 01, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Durham Prosecutes FBI Informants, While Protecting Their Handlers

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 • Durham Prosecutes FBI Informants, While Protecting Their Handlers Paul Sperry
 • DC Bar Does Democrats’ Dirty Work By Tarring Opponents Before Midterms Margot Cleveland
 • Jim Jordan: FBI Is Engaging in Purge of 'Conservative Employees' Sarah Arnold
 • The State of Dreams: Every utopia is a dystopia. Especially California Daniel Greenfield
 • Texas rep: Let's just defund the IRS Breitbart
 • Spanberger explodes: Democrats need new leaders in the House Karen Townsend
 • Ginny Thomas Ruins J-6 Committee's Plan to Destroy Her Victoria Taft
 • The Brief: It Was Okay For Bill Clinton To Keep Presidential Records, But Not Trump? Jarrett
 • New York AG wants $250m fraud lawsuit against Trump to take place 'before the end of 2023' Daily Mail


 • Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system Jordan Schachtel
 • As Gates Doubles Down on Digital IDs, Critic Warns of ‘Gravest Technological Threat’ to Liberty CHD
 • Pelosi: Farmers Need Illegal Immigrants ‘To Pick The Crops’ Sarah Weaver

Scandal Central

 • The Establishment’s Response to Trump’s Presidency Jeff Carlson
 • Bombshell: Danchenko as CHS Gets Worse UndeadFOIA
 • New details on botched FBI investigation into source for infamous anti-Trump dossier revealed Jerry Dunleavy


 • Putin: "The End of Western Hegemony is Inevitable" Konstantin Kisin
 • Why Beijing is allegedly opening police stations on Canadian soil National Post
 • Listen to Trump About Ukraine Before It's Too Late Douglas MacKinnon
 • More finger pointing in Nord Stream pipelines sabotage Jazz Shaw
 • New Zealand prime minister shows why gun rights matter Tom Knighton
 • Afghanistan: Sunni Muslim murders 100 Shi’ite Muslim children in jihad suicide attack at school JW


 • Notable/Quotable: The financing of the Democrat Party political empire Cube
 • Researchers Capture Rare Video of `Mourning' Mother Dolphin Staying with Deceased Calf for Days GNN
 • The Week in Pictures: Cat 5 Bidenstorm Edition Power Line

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