Thursday, October 06, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires

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 • Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires Shellenberger
 • More alarm bells for Biden as OPEC cuts oil production by 2 MILLION barrels a day Daily Mail
 • Biden to release 10M more barrels from Petroleum Reserve in wake of OPEC+ cuts FoxBiz
 • For All Intents and Purposes, America Now Has No Southern Border Virginia Allen
 • KBJ's case for 'progressive originalism' in Supreme Court debut draws rebuke Kaelan Deese
 • Beto O'Rourke profiles just get sadder and sadder John Sexton
 • Stock Trading Made Pelosi Rich. Now She Wants To Ban Congressional Trading Andrew Kerr
 • House Republicans prepare to rein in FBI, DOJ with strict oversight and new laws Kerry Picket
 • Two dozen states sending National Guard troops to U.S.-Mexico border Carter


 • What Biden must do right now to fix our broken economy Andy Puzder
 • Biden facing rerun of summer gas price woes following OPEC production cut Jeremy Beaman
 • Manchin says OPEC+ decision to cut oil production shows US must emphasize 'energy independence and security' FoxBiz

Scandal Central

 • Tony Bobulinski: Biden Clan ‘Stole’ Millions, FBI Ignored Multiple Felonies Debra Heine
 • FBI arrests Ohio pastor on Jan. 6 charges Brady Knox
 • National Archives Scraps ‘Transparency’ Mission When It Comes to Trump Documents Roman Jankowski


 • Media Falsely Links Hurricanes to Climate Change. Here Are the Facts. Jarrett Stepman
 • Oh my: Twitter v Musk trial still on? Ed Morrissey
 • Paper of Record? NYT's embarrassing Emily Litella flip-flop on election conspiracy theories Ed Morrissey


 • 'Riyadh’s errand boy': Biden's Saudi overtures panned after OPEC oil move Katherine Doyle
 • Turkey's influence grows as Putin's crisis deepens Janusz Bugajski
 • GOP Lawmakers Worry About China Ties of Election Software Company Accused of Stealing Data Fred Lucas


 • Media fear the thought of Elon Musk buying Twitter and allowing “free speech” JoNova
 • EU: Is a price cap on gas the answer to skyrocketing energy prices? (Answer: hell, no) Evi Kiorri
 • Libturds For A Thursday ~ AM Woodsterman

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