Friday, October 07, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Garland, Wray Must Be Impeached for Unconscionable Trump Raid

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 • Garland, Wray Must Be Impeached for Unconscionable Trump Raid Mike Davis
 • House GOP demands investigation into Chinese ties to US nuclear weapons site Jerry Dunleavy
 • Massive errors in FBI’s Active Shooting Reports Crime Research
 • ‘The Dissents Of Clarence Thomas: Fealty To Constitutional Originalism’ Marc Garrett
 • Supreme Court tosses Mass. gun law in latest Second Amendment win Mark Moore
 • Kemp stands well ahead of Abrams in Georgia governor race: poll Ben Whedon
 • How To End the FBI Don Surber
 • In the Age of Quiet Quitting, I Was Quiet Suspended Mary Katharine Ham
 • Common Sense Knife Control: 2 dead, 6 injured in stabbings on Las Vegas Strip Fox-5 Vegas


 • Business Digest: Biden's Economy Sees Worst First Half for Stocks Since 1872 Breitbart
 • 14 charts that explain America’s inflation mess Full Stack Economics
 • Discover the needle of black holes in the galactic haystack Meson Stars

Scandal Central

 • FBI whistleblowers: Hundreds of agents have resigned to escape sexual misconduct allegations Jerry Dunleavy
 • FBI agents believe there is enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden: Report Jerry Dunleavy
 • Same Vibe - Bret Baier: FBI Sources Believe Clinton Foundation Case Moving Towards "Likely an Indictment" Tim Hains (2016)
 • Biden leads Democrats in 'MAGA' attacks on conservative court rulings W. James Antle III
 • Justice Department believes Trump still hasn't returned all documents: Report Jack Birle
 • Biggest self own: New York Times edition David Strom


 • The Election-Swinging, Facebook-Fueled, Get-Out-the-Vote Machine Nancy Scola
 • The journalists from mega rich families that have scrubbed their backgrounds Fear The Floof
 • DeSantis team outs Joy Reid by revealing it rejected her email looking to 'touch base' with Gov. Gabriel Hays


 • Biden warns of nuclear 'Armageddon' Daniel Chaitin
 • Foreign crises complicate Biden midterm plans Naomi Lim
 • Energy Power: More Gas Discovered in Israel’s Waters IR

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Scott Gottlieb on the Lab-Leak Theory Future of Capitalism
 • Korean police reportedly arrest first person involved in Terra collapse David Attlee
 • Stablecoins shed $38B since May as yields plunge, projects collapse Cointelegraph


 • The 10 Worst Car Names Of All-Time Lampoon
 • Melinda Gates on ‘unbelievably painful’ divorce: ‘I just couldn’t stay in that marriage’ Brooke Steinberg
 • Tucker Carlson Exclusive With Kanye West – “The majority of the media has a godless agenda.” CTH

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