Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Outsourced censorship: Feds illegally funded private entity to censor millions of messages in 2020

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 • Outsourced censorship: Feds illegally funded private entity to censor in 2020 Just The News
 • With New Documents, White House Targeting Of A Pro-Life Dad Just Got Crazier Margot Cleveland
 • Don't Bite the Left's Divisive Racist Baiting Of Herschel Walker Brandon Morse
 • Fork In The Road Doug Ross Substack
 • Inside a Texas County That Declared Border Crisis an ‘Invasion’ Virginia Allen
 • Study: 'Defund the Police' a "luxury" belief of the privileged Blaze
 • James O’Keefe goes in for the kill… CFP
 • Washington, DC, Democrats Approve Plan Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote John Binder
 • Two Major Holes Found In FBI’s Case Against Pro-Life Father, Documents Reveal Laurel Duggan


 • 91% of American CEOs preparing for a recession -- a long one Hot Air
 • Bidenconomy: Heating Your Home Will Be A Lot More Expensive This Winter Cove
 • Dock Lawmakers’ Pay to Curb Abuse of Continuing Resolutions Rep. Ralph Norman

Scandal Central

 • Trump calls on Supreme Court to block DOJ from using classified docs found at Mar-a-Lago Jerry Dunleavy
 • Undercounting 'shy' Republican voters again: We were deplorable once, and young Beege
 • Citing Concern for Free Speech, 12 Federal Judges Say They Won’t Take Clerks from Yale Law School Aaron Sibarium


 • Elon Musk Agrees To Proceed With Buying Twitter John Hugh DeMastri
 • Now That Twitter Belongs To Elon, Here Is What He Will Do To The Platform In His Own Words ZH
 • MSNBC’s Chris Hayes cannot overstate how footage of blacks committing violent crimes dominates Fox News Twitchy


 • Greenwald: No One Talks About Ending Ukraine War For Fear Of Being Labelled A ‘Traitor’ Steve Watson
 • Zero COVID is destroying China David Strom
 • 125 die as tear gas triggers crush at Indonesia soccer match APNews


 • Ruby Freeman Shaye Moss Ralph Jones Sr. Fulton County GA 2020 Election Fraud Rumble
 • A Message to the Republican Doomers RS
 • Hurricane Ian Recovery, Day Six – Survivors vs Victims CTH

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