Saturday, October 29, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Whistleblower: More FBI Election Meddling – Talking About Vote Fraud Is Now an ‘Election Crime’

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 • Whistleblower: FBI Election-Meddles By Criminalizing 'Misinformation' Evita Duffy
 • An Election, If You Can Hold It Kunstler
 • Judge allows group to monitor local ballot dropboxes in Arizona JTN
 • PA Legislature Moves to Impeach Pro-Crime Philly DA Whom Fetterman Endorsed Matt Vespa
 • Democratic Staffer Fired After Covertly Working With Chinese Embassy DC
 • Former Philly Sheriff’s Deputy Allegedly Sold Guns Used In School Shooting DC
 • The COVID coverup begins to unravel David Strom
 • ProPublica: The Wuhan Institute of Virology was a 'biocomplex in crisis' in November 2019 John Sexton
 • Transcript of Embarrassing Press Briefing Is Missing from White House Website PJM


 • Biden Solution to High Retail Food Prices, Eat Generics and Store Brands CTH
 • Have Democrats Lost Interest in the Working Man? John F. Di Leo
 • How Joe Biden Spits on Sound Economic Theory David Ennocenti

Scandal Central

 • Jaw-Dropping Allegations of Systemic Ballot Harvesting in Black Orlando Neighborhoods PJM
 • Stacey Abrams lays groundwork for challenging 2022 election David Strom
 • Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacked by Unstable Berkeley Man, a Nudist and Activist from the Castro Neighborhood CTH


 • Election mangler Marc Elias says Elon will have to kick him off Twitter, hilarity ensues Twitchy
 • MSNBC Columnist Shamelessly Grovels After Big DeSantis Scoop Is Proven False DC
 • 'Fired Twitter Employees' Execute the Greatest Troll of the News Media I've Ever Seen RS


 • Activists say Iranian security forces again open fire on protesters in southern city TOI
 • White House "warns" North Korea of possible "end of regime" Jazz Shaw
 • Elon Musk's other enemy: Vlad Putin David Strom

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Thoughtful Monologue, Tucker Carlson Discusses the Potential Impact of a Free Speech Twitter CTH
 • Dr. Peter McCullough is being progressively stripped of his medical credentials Steve Kirsch
 • Astrophysicists make observations consistent with the predictions of an alternative theory of gravity University of Bonn


 • A Personal Story About Arizona Jesse Kelly
 • Quick Hits 90 Miles From Tyranny
 • The Week in Pictures: Happy Halloween Edition Steven Hayward

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