Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: How Democrats are using 'green new deal' to build an American Social Credit Score

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 • How Democrats are using 'green new deal' to build an American Social Credit Score Jordan Schachtel
 • House and Senate majorities for both parties run through these five races David Mark
 • Arizona Latina Voter Says She Feels Dems Have ‘Taken Advantage’ of Her DC
 • My 7-Step Plan to Destroy America: An Infographic Doug Ross Substack
 • Fairfax schools implemented 'equity grading' to fight 'bias' Jeremiah Poff
 • NYU students wonder why they didn't get an A for effort in organic chemistry class John Sexton
 • Americans Fear Inflation Will Grow if Dems Control Congress After Election Breitbart
 • Psaki Buries Her Knife in Biden’s Back John Nantz
 • Another day in West LA: Woman hit in the head with fire extinguisher for no reason John Sexton

Scandal Central

 • Some Helpful Ideas For Biden’s Impeachment David Harsanyi
 • Biden Administration’s Manipulated Energy Policy Demonstrates Ignorance of History Ned Ryun
 • Judge Smacks Down Stacey Abrams’ Bogus Claims Of Voter Suppression In 2018 Election Loss Shawn Fleetwood


 • DeSantis Is History's Greatest Monster for Some Reason Kurt Schlichter
 • Today’s blacklisted Americans: All normal girls banned from their locker room Robert Zimmerman
 • CNN moving toward the center? Maybe, maybe not David Strom


 • Elon Musk offers up a peace proposal and a Ukrainian diplomat responded with "F**k off" Karen Townsend
 • Israel prepares to shut down for Yom Kippur as security forces remain on high alert TOI
 • Report: China operates overseas 'police stations' to track citizens abroad, including in U.S. Times


 • Back In The Day.... It's Amazing What They Accomplished.. Feral Irishman
 • The Wanderer Diogenes
 • Skipism Tuesday AM Woodsterman

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