Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Biden's Energy Depression Is Nigh

What will skyrocketing energy prices mean for U.S. consumers this winter? Seniors, the poor, those living paycheck to paycheck will suffer most. But all will suffer.

The effect of these increases -- the lack of trickle-down economics -- seems pretty obvious. Unless someone powerful gets this administration to sweep the deck of climate radicals, people will needlessly die. All will suffer.

On his first day in office, President Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, closed Alaska's reserves (ANWR), canceled offshore leases, and imposed massive new regulatory burdens on firms that distribute clean natural gas and petroleum products that contribute to every aspect of American life.

When gas prices skyrocketed earlier this year, the administration began draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to historically (and dangerously) low levels. This has temporarily kept prices in check, but only because of the midterm elections. After the midterms, if the radicalized EPA isn't reined in, we should prepare for $8 gas, minimum. If Democrats retain power, we are in for a succession of long, dark winters.

If left unchecked, this "progressive" administration will touch off -- needlessly -- a second Great Depression.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


LakeLevel said...

Politicians will not be able to resist the calls to subsidize people's energy costs. More and more will require the subsidy until energy, like retirement and (soon) healthcare, we will be totally dependent on the government. They will make all of our choices for us and we will be made to like it, or else. Seems like pushing Global Warming has always been a long term Socialism play.

Anonymous said...

The elites don't care because their ox won't be gored. Time to eliminate the EPA, DOEnergy, FBI, CIA, and the civil rights division of DOJ.

Then prosecute all those who abuse their power. What gives Biden the right to cancel a lease? Sue them and send them to jail along with the judges who think the law is whatever they think it should be rather than what it clearly is.

If this does not occur then governments that abuse the law without consequence, officials who trammple on the rights of citizens, lawyers who wage lawfare and make the law into a slinky toy, race hustlers who destroy the very fabric of the nation.....history teaches what happens. I suggest the readers read the history of the Spanish and Russian civil wars. They might also review the ten years between 1850-60 to see how our war between the states occurred.

For all the idiots who think we aren't in dire straits, remember the dhimmierats have promoted you from merely unacceptable and irredemible to white mational racist terrorists.

There is a storm coming prepare.

commoncents said...

Podcast - THE LINDELL REPORT (10-19-22)