Monday, October 03, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: The “Squad”Is Silent As Women in Iran Are Slaughtered While Fighting for Their Rights

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 • The “Squad”Is Silent As Women in Iran Are Slaughtered While Fighting for Their Rights PJM
 • Georgia voting set records after MSNBC, CNN, others ran with 'Jim Crow' accusations Fox
 • Feinstein overheard getting frustrated with aides over routine vote: Report Rachel Schilke
 • Liberal strongholds cling to vaccine mandates Sarah Westwood
 • Biden thanks Coast Guard rescue swimmer to be fired over vaccine mandate Rachel Schilke
 • U.S. judge dismisses Mexico's $10 billion lawsuit against gun makers Al-Reuters
 • Pushing the Envelopes in Ukraine Victor Davis Hanson
 • Would you like a huge rent subsidy to be a cop in Los Angeles? Jazz Shaw
 • Time to Outlaw Counting by Race? Roger Kimball


 • Neil Oliver, Indentured Servants of The World Need to Unite Against the Big Club CTH
 • Biden's student loan forgiveness program faces new hurdles before election Haisten Willis
 • Russia’s new gas offensive against Europe Euractiv

Scandal Central

 • The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal Jack Cashill
 • UC Berkeley hits back at claims law school groups promoted 'Jewish-free zones' Jeremiah Poff
 • Trans treatments are the new lobotomy David Strom


 • Stock Market Tanked 14 Percent Since Biden’s Inflationary Boondoggle Passed Tristan Justice
 • Here comes the October Surprise! Ralph Alter
 • To See How Marxists Plan To Destroy America, Look At Their War On Virginia’s History Federalist


 • Reporter’s Notebook: Putin’s illegal annexation of Ukraine territory escalates war Examiner
 • Mamma Mia MAGA Brian C. Joondeph
 • Bolsonaro and Lula headed for runoff in Brazil race Examiner


 • Hurricane Ian Recovery Update, Day 4 CTH
 • Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts Continue as Feds Vow Major Aid for Victims NBC-4
 • Funny memes and tweets of the week David Strom

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