Thursday, July 05, 2012

Blue-state shock: Chicago River as much as 70 percent raw sewage

We already knew that progressives are messier than real Americans, based upon the aftermaths of the Tea Party rallies and the ill-named "One Nation demonstrations" on the national mall.

And let's not even get into the rat-infested Occupy movement.

But now we have actual, scientific proof:

In a story regarding the hazards of kayaking in city rivers, ("Kayak Tours Pose New Risk for Cities"), the Wall Street Journal includes a single, final sentence of untold hilarity:

According to a 2011 report by American Rivers, a nonprofit environmental group, parts of the Chicago River are 70% undisinfected wastewater.

Shocking. A state and city controlled for decades by Democrats requires a hazmat suit when kayaking.

Hat tip: Amalaur.


Guy in Ohio said...

Filthy rivers to go with their filthy mouths appropriate!

Doom said...

Oh, that's not funny!



Well, maybe a little funny.


Just saying.

Bones said...

That's what happens with long time Democratic party rule.
Communist dictatorships have the same outcomes. Chinese and North Korean polution images come to mind.

tamakas said...

"70 percent raw sewage" = "parts of the Chicago River are 70% undisinfected wastewater."

Same thing?
(That was not to undermine the seriousness of the charge.)

directorblue said...


undisinfected wastewater == raw sewage, once it's run through the polite society filter