Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dissociative Press: No Longer in the News Business; Now Professionally Lying for Democrats

I'm not sure when the Associated Press (also known as the Dissociative Press, which is the term they prefer, I hear) decided to get out of the news business and into republishing Democrat National Committee press releases. But it's clear from the last couple of election cycles, that the transition occurred sometime before 2008.

Consider the latest lies promoted by the contemptible Eric Holder regarding voter ID:

Speaking to the NAACP in Houston Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder decried the state’s controversial voter ID law as a modern equivalent to Jim Crow-era poll taxes...

The state is trying to become the tenth to require photo identification to vote.

To a wave of applause, Holder said, “After close review, the department found that this law would be harmful to minority voters and we rejected its implementation.”

Of course, the nitwits at the Dissociative Press echo the official DNC talking points almost word-for-word:

Keesha Gaskins, a senior counsel at the Brennan Center who has opposed voter ID laws, said she believes the numbers are significant and also underestimate the impact of voter ID laws. She said those numbers don't take into account people who were discouraged from showing up to vote in the first place or who may be turned away by poll workers. Even voters in states with less-strict ID laws may not get the proper explanation about how the process works without ID... "These are still people who attempted to vote and who were unable to do so," Gaskins said. "When you compare that to the actual evidence of fraud, the difference is exponential."

Let's ignore, for the sake of argument, that you can't board a plane, buy alcohol, receive a welfare check, or even attend Holder's speech at the NAACP without a photo ID. No, just ignore that for the moment. Is vote fraud really so rare that the AP repeats this lie like the parakeets they are?

Debunking the DNC talking points requires a lot of difficult research -- using a spanking-new tool called Google -- apparently unfamiliar to the nincompoops at the AP.

600,000 fraudulent voters nationwide: In 2008, a study by PJM estimated that nearly half of the 1.3 million voters registered by Acorn, the Democrat-linked criminal front group, were bogus.

Washington Governor's Race: In 2004, Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate, won the state of Washington's governorship by a narrow margin. But that victory proved short-lived. Election officials: (a) discovered uncounted ballots weeks and months after the election; (b) counted votes from people without valid registrations; and (c) permitted "felons without voting rights, as well as a few dead people, to cast ballots". After the recounts, Rossi lost by a mere 133 votes.

Thousands of fraudulent voter registrations discovered in Nevada: "[In 2009,] Nevada officials charged Acorn, its regional director and its Las Vegas field director with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms last year. Larry Lomax, the registrar of voters in Las Vegas, says he believes 48% of Acorn's forms "are clearly fraudulent." On Thursday, prosecutors in Pittsburgh, Pa., also charged seven Acorn employees with filing hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations before last year's general election."

The Al Franken Senate "Victory": in 2008, After initially leading failed radio host Al Franken by 725 votes, incumbent Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota ended up losing the race after a series of bizarre recounts. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that "the state Canvassing Board approved the use of Election Day results for 133 Minneapolis ballots that can't be found and also recommended that counties sort and count absentee ballots that were mistakenly rejected." This decision gave Franken most of his winning margin. In Ramsey County, "the recount showed that there were 171 more ballots than recorded votes", yet the ballots were counted, and Franken picked up nearly 40 more votes.

Up to 200,000 bogus voters in Ohio: In 2008, a Democrat Secretary of State apparently committed to rampant vote fraud "streamlined" the voter registration process. As a result, over 600,000 new Ohio voter registrations were obtained, but the Secretary of State refused to use verification databases to validate the registrations. She later confessed that 200,000 registrations failed to match driver's license, social security and other database checks. Later, a federal judge ruled she was breaking federal law by failing to perform the verification and blocking voter validation.

Oh, and AP hacks: this list is by no means complete. It's what I found in an exhaustive, 17-minute search.

As a result of your obvious incompetence, I'm offering free classes on how to use Google. Email me for a schedule and required study material, schmucks.


The_Bad said...

Glad you brought up Holder's statement in Houston, considering this:

"All media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license) as well as valid media credentials"

So, you must have a photo ID in order to see Holder make a speech decrying the requirement of photo ID.

Chris said...

Well...if ANYONE ought to know all about Jim Crow laws, it SHOULD be the Democrats (progenitors of their own militia/domestic terror group the KKK and specialists in keeping dem uppity darkies safely on Massah's Plantation where they can't cause any mischief).

Self irony is utterly lost on these fools.