Sunday, February 26, 2006

Captured Al Qaeda Documents: The Oil Spot Strategy

Austin Bay is analyzing captured and declassified Al Qaeda communications. One interesting conclusion: the Jihadists wish to assassinate Saudi Arabia's leadership in order to destabilize the country and set the stage for a truly hardline government:

An oil spot strategy must be pursued against Saudi Arabia, with the goal of expanding the circle of jihad... Expanding the circle of jihad horizontally and vertically via assassinating some of the leaders of disbelief in the system; this is called (the oil spot).

Other tidbits relate to waging information warfare:

...Al-Qa’ida should emulate Hamas and have the statements of “martyrs” videotaped prior to their operations. If the efforts of martyrs from the Peninsula were publicized, this would have a tremendous impact on recruitment in Saudi Arabia...

...If we go back a little (to the events in Somalia) and carefully think of this situation, we will recognize the extent at which we fell short in the informational and political efforts. We did not invest these events politically to serve the jihad program. Most of the people inside [the country] are unaware of the great effort the mujahidin made against the American forces...

Somalia. How many terrorists were inspired by the egregious example of Clintonian statesmanship in Mogadishu? The answer: way too many. Read it all.

Austin Bay: The Al Qaeda Documents - The Oil Spot Strategy

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