Saturday, February 25, 2006

SCO battles IBM and Novell

Thomas Carey -- a partner at the law firm of Bromberg & Sunstein -- weighs in with some truly choice quotes regarding the merits of SCO's Linux lawsuits. His basic message: IT leaders shouldn't worry a bit about SCO Group's latest skirmishes against IBM and Novell.

In the interview, he explains why SCO's case is akin to going into a gun battle with a clip full of blanks:

Q: What are the implications of SCO's suit against Novell for Novell/SuSE customers?

Carey: ...SCO's lawsuit is a lost cause. The implications for Linux users are rather like the implications for passengers on an ocean liner of a seagull diving into the water nearby. A physicist might be able to measure the perturbation, but the passenger feels nothing.

Q: SCO went after, with lawsuits, Linux customers before. Do you foresee this happening again?

Carey: This might happen again. Hitler fought World War II until the Allies had nearly overrun his bunker. As long as investors are willing to provide the cash, SCO will sue because that is their business model.

You gotta love that.

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