Friday, February 10, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Asinine

This Henry Hyde statement resonates with the power of undying truth (hat tip: PoliPundit):

Democrats should at least silently confess to themselves that their actions pose real dangers to our country.

Got that, Richard Dowd-Pelosi Heinz?

Just to reinforce the message, here's former Democratic Congressman Robert Livingston. His statement rejects the Donkocratic party's call to criticize President Bush for wielding 'too much power' while waging war against Islamofascists (hat tip: Powerline):

The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. He is Constitutionally obligated to do everything possible in time of war to safeguard the American People. This tempest in a teapot about treatment of cowardly un-uniformed mass murderers and terror mongers, as well as restriction of his ability to monitor conversations of potential terrorists is in my view asinine, and I will have nothing to do with any effort that might be used to undermine his ability to keep us free from terrorism.

Indeed, we are at war with a most formidable and intractable enemy. He is insidious, cowardly, and bent on the destruction of all civilized society. Innocent men, women and children are cannon fodder in his eyes, and efforts such as the one you are sponsoring will be unappreciated by practitioners of his cause. This effort would have looked insane in Lincoln’s day, and he was far more intrusive in his practice than anything that has been envisioned today. Frankly, some Members of Congress and self-appointed leakers in the Executive Branch have put this country in grave danger with this very discussion. I have seen no evidence at all that American citizens have had their Constitutional 4th Amendment rights infringed upon (as they were in the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon eras). Until such evidence is shown, I shall do nothing to keep this President from protecting American citizens from harm’s way.

Is that clear, Richard Feinstein Kennedy-Reid?

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