Sunday, February 05, 2006

This just keeps getting better and better

The hits just keep on coming:

> German Chancellor Angela Merkel likened Iran's nuclear plans to the threats of the Nazis.

>The IAEA voted to report Iran to the Security Council because of its obvious (even to the geniuses at the UN) attempts to craft nuclear warheads.

>Iran's president Ahmafrickingnuts Ahmadinejad ordered the resumption of uranium enrichment and an end to UN inspections. And there are reports that Iran tested a long-range surface-to-surface missile in January... capable of travelling in excess of 1200 miles.


Victor Davis Hanson lifts off to 35,000 feet to provide some much-needed perspective (don't expect the rocket scientists at the Associated Press to figure out that a true historical and geographic analysis is required in this day and age):

Ever since that seminal death sentence handed down to Salman Rushdie by the Iranian theocracy, the Western world has incrementally and insidiously accepted these laws of asymmetry. Perhaps due to what might legitimately be called the lunacy principle (“these people are capable of doing anything at anytime”), the Muslim Middle East can insist on one standard of behavior for itself and quite another for others. It asks nothing of its own people and everything of everyone else’s, while expecting no serious repercussions in the age of political correctness, in which affluent and leisured Westerners are frantic to avoid any disruption in their rather sheltered lives.

Then there is “President” Ahmadinejad of Iran, who, a mere 60 years after the Holocaust, trumps Mein Kampf by not only promising, like Hitler, to wipe out the Jews, but, unlike the ascendant Fuhrer, going about the business of quite publicly obtaining the means to do it. And the rest of the Islamic world, nursed on the daily “apes and pigs” slurs, can just scarcely conceal its envy that the Persian Shiite outsider will bell the cat before they do.

Victor Davis Hanson: Three pillars of wisdom

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