Friday, February 17, 2006

Hugh Hewitt Blisters the Mediacrats

Hugh Hewitt has been on quite a roll of late, verbally torturing the blowhards who dominate what we once knew as mainstream media. Here's Hewitt blistering Helen Thomas, the longtime, Bush-hating member of the White House Press Corps:

HH: Do you think that what makes you a journalist is the fact that you won't tell people who you voted for?

HT: Did I say that? I told you that I was a straight, factual reporter for more than fifty years.

HH: And now you're an opinion columnist.

HT: That's right.

HH: And so now you can tell us who you voted for.

HT: And I don't think it's your business who I voted for.

HH: All right.

HT: And I don't think you have the right to ask anybody that question.

HH: Why not? It's a free press, isn't it?

HT: Well, it's not a fair question. It's...

HH: You want to censor my questions?

Not to spoil the conclusion, but Thomas ended the interview by hanging up on Hewitt.

And here's Hugh tasering Larry O'Donnell, the twisted partisan hack infamous for his verbal abuse of John O'Neill that resembled nothing less than a full-fledged Tourette's attack. O'Donnell had claimed he had spoken with a "dozen" lawyers, all of whom claimed Cheney was likely drunk when he shot Whittington.

HH: Larry, did you...what lawyers did you talk to that assumed Cheney was drunk?

...LO: Oh, my brothers are all lawyers. I must have talked to a dozen lawyers yesterday, including a former U.S. attorney...

...HH: Lawrence O'Donnell, I don't believe you. I don't believe you talked to lawyers who told you that Cheney was too drunk to talk. I just don't believe you.

LO: All right. Don't. Don't.

HH: Do you have any name you'll give me that we can double check?

...LO: No, it's ridiculous. I talk to lawyers all the time.

HH: Did you talk to them yesterday?

LO: What...tell me what difference that makes? Let's pretend...

HH: Well, you wrote it. I want to know about your...

LO: Let's assume that I talked to no one. Let's say that's a lie.

HH: Okay. So you did lie about this?

LO: Say it's a lie. I'm not

...HH: No, no. I'm just trying to get the facts, Lawrence. I would like to know...

LO: Yes, I talked to a bunch of lawyers.

HH: How many?

LO: Five, six.

...HH: ...Would you give me the name of one of them?

LO: No.

HH: Because none of them really said he was too drunk to talk, right?

LO: They all did.

HH: They all said, five lawyers, and you won't let me talk to one of them?


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