Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A consistent record of excellence in city government

Liberal utopia: San Francisco. Where the streets are paved with gold and violent crime never perturbs the enlightened citizenry. After all, that's the mark of Democratic city leadership, right? Because when strict gun-control laws are passed, criminals will instantly obey and turn in all of their firearms at the nearest police station. And then (--- humming ---) peace and love will guide the planet... and cri-ime will disappear.

What? You say homicides are on the increase in Frisco? And that police had to respond to 315 shootings last year, 21% more than in '04?


Well, let's listen in as Democratic Mayor Thomas "Mumbles" Menino of Boston explains how he's eradicated violent crime in the Beantown area through strict gun-control.

What's that?

You say violent crime is way up since Menino took office?

How about Chicago?

Detroit, maybe?



Never mind.

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