Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where's Waldo? Where's Mary Jo? And where's the WMD?

The New York Sun reports on a fascinating story... one with the potential to transform the '06 Congressional elections into a Democratic trail of tears.

A former special investigator for the Pentagon during the Iraq war said he found four sealed underground bunkers in southern Iraq that he is sure contain stocks of chemical and biological weapons. But when he asked American weapons inspectors to check out the sites, he was rebuffed...

...[There were] four locations - three in and around Nasiriyah and one near the port of Umm Qasr, where he was shown underground concrete bunkers with the tunnels leading to them deliberately flooded. In each case, he was told the facilities contained stocks of biological and chemical weapons, along with missiles whose range exceeded that mandated under U.N. sanctions. But because the facilities were sealed off with concrete walls, in some cases up to 5 feet thick, he did not get inside. He filed reports with photographs, exact grid coordinates, and testimony from multiple sources. And then he waited for the Iraq Survey Group to come to the sites. But in all but one case, they never arrived...

Hmmm. Care to speculate on the odds that the Democratic leadership will apologize -- en masse -- when these bunkers get opened up? I'm thinking the odds are a tad lower than the chance that Dale Earhhardt and Elvis will collaborate on a surprise duet of Viva Las Vegas  at next year's Grammies. But just a tad lower.

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