Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Introducing the disgraced former President, Jimmy Carter

If there's an award for the most egregious behavior by an ex-president, Jimmy Carter's fatuous endorsement of terrorists, unwarranted criticisms of US national policy, and consistent failures of thought and action all combine to earn him the statuette.

This 1985 interview with Carter -- which I've code-named "The Sour Grapes Transcript" -- was featured on (where else?) 60 minutes. And it's simply devastating.

“"What will be the Reagan heritage is too early to say. I cannot think of a single international or diplomatic achievement that’s been realized by Ronald Reagan,'’ Jimmy Carter said...

Under Reagan, the nation has lost its place as the “"foremost proponent or user of negotiations and diplomacy,'’ said Carter, who was interviewed at his Plains, Ga., home. A transcript was released by the network.

“"… Our country’s first reaction to a troubled area … is to try to inject American military forces or threats as our nation’s policy,'’ he said.

On prospects for peace in the Middle East, Carter said substantive progress cannot be made “"without the Palestinians being intimately involved in the process.'’ He also said he believes it would be a “"good move'’ for Secretary of State George Shultz to “"sit down with'’ Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization...

Nice work, Mr. Peanut. It's just another tape for the Carter Presidential Library of Failures in downtown Jasper, Georgia.

PoliPundit: Introducing the disgraced former President, Jimmy Carter

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