Sunday, April 01, 2007

Falling Panda: Boycott The View and its Sponsors

Dan at Falling Panda has a wonderful idea for dealing with the rot that has become The View. If you're just tuning in, Rosie O'Donnell, a co-host on the show, has fallen off the deep end.

In addition to dispensing her usual hard-Left blather, O'Donnell has now begun marketing 9/11 conspiracy theories. One of the hateful fictions: implying that the U.S. Government, neocons, Israelis/Zionists, or some combination thereof, used controlled explosions to bring down World Trade Center 7. Popular Mechanics promptly obliterated her ludicrous theory, using concepts foreign to the likes of O'Donnell (i.e., science, facts, and analytics).

Falling Panda calls for a boycott of not only The View itself but also its sponsors. Dan lists the following sponsors from the 3/30 show:

Humira - Arthritis drugPier 1 ImportsVaseline Intensive Rescue Body Lotion
Pilsbury Toaster StrudelT.J. MaxxStanley Steemer
Reach One Ultimate Clean ToothbrushM&M'sJanome Sewing Machine
ZyrtecTide Laundry DetergentMarshall's
Stainmaster CarpetCottonelle Toilet TissueCrest Whitening Rinse
Disney's Meet the RobinsonsBest Foods MayonnaiseWoolite
Claritin -DSearsHoney Bunches of Oats
Loestrin 24ExcedrinI Can't Believe It's Not Butter
BAM Power CleanerPepto BismolHead And Shoulders
Bush's Baked BeansMiracle-GroScrubbing Bubbles
SingulairAll DetergentDove Ice Cream

Please join the effort. Avoid these products and make clear why. And feel free to repost this article in whole or in part.

Dan reports that since January, the ABC morning show has lost close to a half million --uhm-- viewers. Let's accelerate the demise of Rosie's hard left, anti-American soapbox.

Update at 20:40: Dan has provided a link to Janome's Customer Feedback Form. Feel free to rip off my letter if you'd like:

To whom it may concern:

I want to express my concerns regarding your association with the ABC show "The View" and Rosie O'Donnell in particular. O'Donnell has always been somewhat liberal in her views but last week she appeared to go way over the line.

On Friday, O'Donnell implied that the U.S. Government or some other conspiracy had played a part in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

This is outrageous and patently ludicrous propaganda. Popular Mechanics Magazine promptly rebutted her ridiculous assertions. I don't have a problem with most of what O'Donnell says, but 9/11 Conspiracy theories and the like debase the show and, by extension, your products.

I would recommend severing ties with "The View" until it cleanses itself of this anti-American rhetoric.

Best Regards, --name--

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