Friday, April 06, 2007

The Hillary Clinton Voice-Change

Kathleen Parker once compared Hillary Clinton's voice to a "car alarm," noting that it sounded as if it was "fashioned from metal."

But are changes afoot? After all the complaints about her voice, I've noticed something interesting. Her voice has changed. It's deeper, her cadence is slower, her timbre more mellifluent.

Is this training? Practice in front of a mirror? Or something more insidious?

Take a listen -- if you dare -- to the "old Hillary." We'll call this the before.

Witness... the "new Hillary." Here's another recent Hillary appearance.

I've had friends bet me dollars-to-doughnuts that Hillary is on something akin to hormone therapy in order to deepen her voice.

Hillary wouldn't engage in these sorts of dangerous stunts in order to address her critics?

Would she?

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