Thursday, April 26, 2007

Harry Reid through history

Reid at Valley Forge: But, General Washington, this war is lost, I tell you! General Cornwallis will treat us with dignity if we only raise the white flag now!

Reid with William Henry Harrison: Tippecanoe and surrender, too!

Reid at Gettysburg: Four score and seven years, my a**! This war was lost three years ago!

Reid at the onset of the Spanish-American War: Remember the Maine... and the fact that it's time we surrendered! ¿Se Habla Español?

Reid in the Argonne Forest: Over here! Over here! We are losing badly over here!

Reid at Pearl Harbor: Do you see? Do you see?? How can we possibly fight the Imperial Japanese war machine? This war is over!

Reid during an Alien Invasion: It's pointless to fight these beasts! We must surrender to survive!

* * *

If the likes of Harry Reid had accompanied George Washington in 1776, we'd still be subjects of the British crown.

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