Monday, April 09, 2007

Reid and Levin's Private Conversation

We're going to cut off funding for the war.

I don't think so, my wimpy-voiced friend.

Yes. We're going to force a phased surrender, I mean phased withdrawal, I mean phased redeployment.

Look at me. Look at me. What does my letterhead say?

"Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee." But - look at this...

What is that?

That's my honorary peace-sign badge from Daily Kos. I received that for meritorious blogging against the war. I head up the phased surrender, I mean phased redeployment, subcommittee on Kos.

Is that it? Those are your qualifications for de-funding the war?

Well, I'm helping spearhead the translation of Daily Kos into Arabic and Farsi for some of our biggest supporters.


So what's your prediction? Withdrawal from Iraq by March of '08?

Minority status for another dozen years.

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