Thursday, April 12, 2007

O'Reilly and Rivera Square Off Over the Imus Firing

You're off your rocker, Geraldo! The comments by Don Imus were completely out of line!

No, you're completely out of line! How many times did Imus have to insult every race, religion, creed and color until he was fired? Calling Gwen Ifill a cleaning lady? How can that be acceptable??

That's completely insane, Rivera! Imus should have been fired years ago!

What the hell are you babbling about? Imus should have terminated decades ago!

That's an outrageous remark! Imus was a rash on the spleen of radio...

Well, I would rather tongue-kiss Bea Arthur than listen to Don Imus!

Well, I would sooner drink a peanut-butter-and-salmon smoothie than tune him in!

You're nothing but a thinly disguised Imus lover!

But I despise Imus' behavior!

Not nearly as much as I do!

What? That's ludicrious, egregious, outrageous, ridiculous!

Hey! I'm agreeing with you! I've been agreeing with you the whole time!

Then why are we screaming at each other?

I don't freaking know!

Do the math, you illegal-alien-loving dirtbag!

I have no idea, you right-wing bastard!

Two words: John. Henry. Nielsen.

Idiot! That's three words!

You know exactly what I mean: Nielsen ratings!

Oh. Yeah. Wow, sorry about that. We got a little heated there.

No problem!

Viewers, remember to tune in tomorrow night when Geraldo and I scream at each other while agreeing that Rosie O'Donnell should be fired.

Dude, we are really running out of topics for these shouting matches.

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