Friday, April 20, 2007

Harry Reid signs articles of surrender to Al Qaeda

We have exclusive photos of Harry Reid signing articles of surrender to Al Qaeda's Iraqi commanders. After announcing that the the war was lost, Reid decided to make it official, signing documents of unconditional surrender to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

During the ceremony, Reid stated, "These fearsome suicide belts and car bombs have destroyed any hopes of success! Our military has no way of defeating these awesome weapons. Our military -- Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy -- all are powerless against these ragtag warriors with their AK-47s, rusty knives, and decades-old artillery shells."

"It's best to turn tail and run home to America with sincere hopes and prayers that these terror... -er- insurgents won't follow us," Reid said.

Asked about "never forgetting the lessons of 9/11", Reid noted that the Democratic statute of limitations for never forgetting was five years, which had expired in September of 2006.

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