Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mayor of Nagasaki Assassinated

The Mayor of Nagasaki died earlier today after being shot by a gangster in a subway station:

The motive for the shooting remained unclear, but public broadcaster NHK said Shiroo was upset at the city's handling of a traffic accident four years ago in which his car was damaged as it passed a public works construction site.

In other words, the killer was completely off his rocker. His car was damaged, so he whacked a public official over the affront.

Nonetheless, this report can't be right. There are extremely tough gun laws in Japan.

Japan has very strict gun control laws... The last known murder of a politician in Japan was in October 2002, when lower house member Koki Ishii was stabbed to death by a member of a right-wing group in front of his Tokyo home.

I suppose the knife-control laws didn't work either.

There's a lesson here somewhere, though you probably won't see it reported on CNN.

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