Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two poems

These are two of my youngest daughter's poems. She's pretty talented for a 9th grader, if I do say so myself. And I guess I just did.

When I Dream

When I dream, I can be anything,
A sailor, a singer, a sailor that sings.
I can sail away on my very own yacht,
And eat the fish, that myself has caught.
I can cliff jump, and raft, and even sky dive,
I can waltz, and tango, and do the hand jive.
I can dream myself an ocean so blue,
And dream myself a killer breaststroke too.
If I can dream, the world could be mine.
I can shake and shimmy, sparkle and shine.
Maybe tonight when I close my eyes,
I can be a giant, of enormous size!
Because when I dream,
I'm the queen, with a king.
And I know once I wake,
I can be anything.

Swoosh, swoosh,
Goes my sundress in the wind,
My face morphs into a blissful grin.

I bend over and pick up a tulip with ease,
My heart's as light as the summer breeze.

I didn't know I could feel this way,
I feel like I've fallen in love with today.

I smile as the sun gives me a kiss,
As I softly whisper, "I love this."

I love this life,
I love this feeling,
I love this summer, my mind is reeling.

And as I burst with happiness,
And I don't know why,
I tilt my head back,
And laugh at the sky.

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