Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: American Fascism on the Rise

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American Fascism on the Rise: Jeffrey Lord
Lawmakers: Mueller Must Unmask Team Members to Find Political Bias: Joshua Caplan
MAGA Earthquake: MN Trump Rally Crowd "60% Democrat and Independent”: CTH

FL Man Threatened to Kill Children of GOP Rep Over Immigration: Jeffrey Cimmino
Activist Confronts Waters Publicly. Here's How Waters Responded.: DailyWire
Left-Wing Mob Targets Stephen Miller's D.C. Apartment: Debra Heine

Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban on some Muslim-majority nations: Bill Mears
Cotton Releases Statement on Supreme Court Travel Ban Ruling: Andrew Kugle
SCOTUS on immigration: A sovereign republic – if you can keep it: Daniel Horowitz

The big picture: Conservatives win big at Supreme Court: Sam Baker
Despite Police Report and Doctor’s Note, School Says No Evidence of Bullying: Chris Papst
Democrats once again prove they’re out of touch on immigration: Rich Lowry

Top House Democrat Crowley stunned in NY primary by Communist challenger: Laura Barrón-López
Trump readies full-court press on border wall funding: Gabby Morrongiello
Latest Complaint About Illegal Kids In Custody: Taught English and the Pledge: Jeff Dunetz

A lesson from Romania about citizens losing their right to self-defense: Rex Vallachorum
House Approves Resolution Demanding DOJ/FBI Docs: Sara Carter
Cuomo campaign signs handed out from DOT truck may have violated rules: Post


China Begins to Question Their Economic Ability To Withstand U.S. Trade Pressure: CTH
American money flowing back into America: Suzanne O'Halloran
Trump’s No. 1 deal maker, Jared Kushner, takes winning streak to WI for 13,000 jobs: Paul Bedard

Scandal Central

Oh: FBI Lawyer Who Texted "Viva La Resistance" Just Happened to Conduct Interview of Papadopolous: Ace
Here's One Unverified File the Feds Won't Leak: About Loretta Lynch: Paul Sperry
Judge denies Manafort's motion to dismiss indictment: John Bowden

Seven Mysterious Preludes to the FBI's Trump-Russia Probe: Lee Smith
And now we know why James @Comey killed any deal with Julian Assange: Harold Finch
DOJ Won't Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe: Tyler Durden


The Lies We Tell in the Name of Greater Truths: Noah Rothman
Hell Freezes Over as Jake Tapper Eviscerates Farrakhan Pal Keith Ellison: Josh Caplan
Smugglers at the Border (Read the Comments): ABC

Comey Admits Having ‘Negative Opinion’ of Trump Before Ever Meeting Him: Jack Heretik
Will public ever get to hear from Peter Strzok?: Fox
Dear Judd and Kumail: You Have No Idea What A Nazi Really Was: David Harsanyi


Iran's mass protests rock Tehran: L. Todd Wood
Iranian National Arrested After Illegally Crossing Mexican Border into Texas: Breitbart
Mattis to Meet Senior Chinese Military, Political Leaders: Bill Gertz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists say humans are alone in the universe: Natalie O'Neill
Robots to make debut at HSBC branches: FoxBiz
Genetic tool could let scientists create new DNA 'overnight' that may help humans live forever: DailyMail


"This Is Just the Beginning" - Liberal Website Warns Republicans of 70's Style Bombings: GWP
Adulting: It’s Not As Hard As It Looks Once You Grow Up: MOTUS
Rattlesnake sightings reported in upstate New York: Natalie Musumeci

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Anonymous said...

RE - your QOTD

Very similar experience. I voted 2x for that reprobate Clinton, but after I saw the Dem dishonesty and corruption, I began to realize they were the last people I would want to govern me. I also will never vote for another Democrat, ever again.

Anonymous said...

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commoncents said...

Viral Video - The Left in 2018: Unhinged